The Symptom of the Hindu Mind and the Malady of Indian Society


Caste system instead of democratic principles is the foundation of Hinduism and hence, we believe that such religion can never uphold the principles of equality.

The caste system – with its ascending order of reverence and descending degree of contempt-seriously violates the very principle of equality as it assigns gradation and rank to each caste which in other words means inequality.

That means Hinduism does not (never, ever) recognize equality.

Inequality is the guiding principle of the caste system. Somebody is above you and somebody is below you.

The Untouchables is the lowest of the low are the worst hated under the caste system. Caste system sponsored by Brahmanism is the malady of Indian society.

We also observe that Brahmanism has already neutralized Marxism and Ambedkarism to a great extent by brain washing the employed Dalits.

Now even Dalits in India becomes agents of Brahminical order.

In contemporary India, media symbolizes Brahminical hegemony and diverts the mind of ordinary people by focusing on nonissues such as controversies. The media deliberately overlooks basic issues such as violation of human rights, food, clothing, shelter, health and educational facilities.

Instead, the media concentrates on manufacturing nonissues in order to waste the time and energy of people.

It explains the political strategy hidden in such manufacturing of news:

This typical Hindu game is reduced to a fine art and to understand this fine art, it is necessary that we should first make a study of the “Hindu mind”.

Hindu mind that largely conditions Indian social psychology is backward, Orthodox and hence, hypocritical in the modern society. It points out the basic contradiction in such an attitude: The superficial mother tongue mania of Hindu leaders.

Many leaders in India oppose English publically and send their children to private school to learn English.

This typical double standard towards international language is the part of ‘Hindu mind’.

There is a conspiracy to make English an upper caste language by propagating mother tongue mania.

Indian social system to that of the Apartheid days of South Africa and observes that even in the days of racial discrimination Whites and the Black used to speak the same language.

In contrast, that in India Sanskrit, the Brahminical language is used to enslave Shudras.

India is the only country where even language is used to enslave people. In the current era, Sanskrit has been replaced with English. English literacy in India is less than 5% of the population and yet Brahmins have mastered this language to take control over politics, business, media, and culture.

The use of violence by German Nazi`s to the use of violence by the caste Hindus against Dalit. The Hindu technique of nonviolence is probably more dangerous than the Nazi`s use of violence.

The philosophy of nonviolence has consolidated caste hegemony and apartheid in Indian society. But in “Hindu India”, very rarely violence is used against SC/ST/BCs .They used only ‘non-violence’ because they did not want to kill us.

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Killing us would deprive them of their free slaves. Nobody kills his slave because he needs the slaves. So the Hindu wanted the slave.

Gandhi is hailed as the “Apostle of non-violence” for his ingenious technique of enslaving SC/ST/BCs without using violence like the animal love of upper caste Hindu, their interest in environment and ecology is also a caste game to perpetuate the Hindu hegemony.

How upper castes Hindus have both started the Narmada project and opposed it. The basic structure of ‘Hindu mind’ is a contradiction.

In India; there are two sets of law one for the rulers and other for the ruled if a poor man steals, he is called thief but if a rich industrialist evades tax, he is treated with all respect.

No religious leaders, no political leaders, and film stars are ever sent to jail for not paying tax. This upper-class bias in law is a typical symptom of the Hindu mind.

Food is a cultural domain in which caste hegemony is also exercised; there are names for all food items of the upper caste Hindus while the food items of SC/ST/BCs are always referred to as the negative “other” of vegetarian food.

This is a Brahminical strategy to marginalize and demonize the lower caste subjects on the basis of their food culture. Meat, fish, chicken, pork, beef are all food. It is the food of the millions and millions of SC/ST/BCs and Muslim/ Christian/Sikhs. But this food of the over 95% of the Indian population has no name.

The religious fabric of India is being manipulated by Brahmanism. The Brahminical rulers who make less than 15% of the population start false propaganda against the Muslims to create a rift between Hindu-Dalits and Muslims.

The unity of Hinduism popularized by Brahminical rulers is only rhetoric in the context of the election. But whenever the elections come these SC/ST/BC castes vote for their own caste candidate-breaking the “Hindu unity”.

In other words, the Brahminical rulers are not winning their war against India`s Muslims. The Muslim population is steadily and silently going up. The Hindu terrorists do not know that their hate –mongering is actually expediting the Islamisation of India.

Power operates at the political, economic, social, academic, cultural, religious, judicial and military levels. In India, all these institutions of power have been taken over by upper caste Hindus to maintain their hegemony. The corruption in the domains of politics and society, citing a Brahminical model wherein a money-driven society takes over value-driven society.

The Brahminical order has not only oppressed the SC/ST/BCs but also sections like Marathas. However, The Marathas have internalized Brahminism even when they try to be different from Brahmins. The Brahminical influence on Marathas in their hatred for Dalits and Muslims. By using the case study of Maratha, the Brahminism is a kind of social corruption that spoils communal harmony.

Author – Dr. Grishma Khobragade, Activist Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Kalyan, Dist. Thane (Maharashtra)

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    Dear Dr. Grishma Khobragade,
    What you have written is correct but that leads to next question as to rectify the above issues. Who is going to bell the cat? You have diagnosed the issue correctly but where is the doctor to treat ?

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      Mohan Rathinasamy

      Only with centralized governing system a handful of beurocrates comprising of forward communities decide the fate of majority of people. Education must be with the states as it was in the Constitution. It was put on the concurrent list during emergency. The first major blow for us is the NEET exam which will slowly kill the interest of our students for higher studies.

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