Modi’s Independence Day Speech – Beginning of the Political Campaign for the Next Election


The PM Modi addresses the nation on the so-called day of independence every year and they use it to celebrate the nation and underline the problems facing the nation, but Modi’s Independence day speech is an awkward Independence day speech which borders election speech and eulogy to the achievements of his Government.

He repeatedly tries to prove to the nation that demonetization was the step towards honesty, by all means, it was not, and the fact that he has to repeat a lie for hundred times, he further enforces the lie.

The ghost of demonetization is going to haunt this country for a long time: it was the mindless policy of the RSS/BJP Government; perhaps it was the biggest scam which involved usurping people’s money by the Government like extortion and the money thus extorted is deployed for the use of cronies of Modi.

We have to admit that Modi is a glib speaker and with his sugar-coated speech he can make his audiences even to swallow the poison.

He is already making the citizens take anti-people policy as the pro-people policy. He often talks about strong India to bolster the jingoistic and animalistic passions of the people.

His Kashmir policy is fully failure and not realistic and in fact, the brand of “cow” nationalism that his cohorts in BJP/RSS are preaching is alienating people in Kashmir.

He has done next to nothing to stop violence on the minorities and Dalits and if the reports are to be believed the minorities are living in the constant fear. The ex-VP of India, Ansari Saheb, has already expressed the fear of the minorities.

The BJP/RSS will use every single opportunity to consolidate their power in 2019.

It will also mean that they will go against their own ethos to lure people into its fold through different doors. They are already trying to pacify the OBCs which have become bitter and they will try to use Nitish Kumar as the face of OBCs.

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That is the reason why the importance of leaders like Lalu Prasad Yadav and Sharad Yadav is going to increase manifold in Indian politics and they should now lead the movement of OBCs not just in Bihar, but must try to get out of Bihar and mobilize the OBCs against the Brahminical Hindutva throughout India.

They will get easy allies in many states if they really frame their message well. They must try to create outright front opposed to the Brahminical Hindutva as the enemy of the OBCs and that debate must begin now to reap the benefits in the 2019 elections.

The RSS/BJP has succeeded in co-opting Dalit leaders as well and many Dalit leaders who vow of Babasaheb Ambedkar are comfortably sitting in the lap of RSS/BJP.

They have sold their souls to the devil of their own communities. The only movement that can keep challenging the Brahminism is the BAMCEF/BSP movement and the Bahujan masses are ready to fight if the BAMCEF/BSP movement can be consolidated.

This consolidation is within reach as the “other” is becoming more offensive and it is the right time to define and consolidate the “self”. This is the time to consolidate and build “Bahujan” constituency.

This is the time revive “85 v/s 15” scene. This is the time to revive “Bahujanvad v/s Manuvad” debate. This is the time to destroy Brahminism fully. It is within the reach.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    Dear Mangesh, thanks for pleading for the rise of OBC unity as an antidote to Brahamanism, however in my humble opinion OBC too are the other side of the same coin.They want to propagate their own agenda which is NOT as the same as Dalit agenda.Do you truly believe that OBC will ever lead a Dalit Agenda? I don’t think so.In fact OBC will kill you the staff or sword whereas Brahamanism will kill you with slow poison of their ritualistic entanglement and use OBC to harass the Dalits in rural area look at the Marathas, Jats, Reddy,Kammas,Gowda,Thevars Yadvas in U.P during Mr. Akhilesh Yadav’s government.To me this Dalit-Bahuja, BAMCEF/BSP is a myth.We as a Dalit don’t have any friends.We have to fight on Dr.Ambedkar’s model, to fight our own battle with our own struggle, and better use of our vote power as a negotiating tool. Dr. Ambedkar’s was a very bitter critic of Dalit politicians in his compaign in the first general election of India,? in Jallander, I stand corrected, which is true even today.Dalit politicians have betrayed the poor Dalits cause who constantly struggle for theor human dignity and equality, continue to be second class citizens of the largest democracy of the world! Ask any rural Dalit if he or she feels like first class citizens other than vote every five year, after he or she become Dalit the second class citizen.
    I know I will make many people irritated with my views but I am frank and honest in my own opinion. BJP is still a Brahaman/Bania party. They have to protect their interest first.They do at time some bread crumbs to keep them quite and on the top of they have figurative or show piece like IndianPresident Kovinda. What happened to Dalit intellectuals? I feel that they too have abandon Dr.Ambedkars caravan. One is made to fell helpless. Dalit don’t have in Hindi–Mai-Bap”( no godfather) who can champion for their right. It is clear from the fact that v no body came to defend Bhim Army who is detained in Jail on multiple charges by police as you know Indian police is notorious in framing charges.
    To me it feels the Manuwadi and lack of Dalit activism, are pushing the civil right agenda brought by Dr.Ambedkar is being dialed BACK.We have so many Dalit political stalwarts but they are like sheep,I don’t see any tiger among them. The American philosopher Benjamin Franklin said to American colonies, “Hang together else you will be hanged one by one”.What has happened to Dalit activist?Is it on its way to a slow demise and become irrelevant.

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