Murdering Innocence – Dance of Death in BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur


Modi Saheb (as the honourable PM is referred as since his Gujarat days!) has no time to talk about Gorakhpur massacre of 63 children who died due to lack of oxygen supply in five days.

Modi Saheb is otherwise sensitive to even small bomb blasts in the foreign countries or posting his images on his twitter handle, but it seems that either he is too busy writing his speech for the 70th anniversary of the transfer of power to India, or too busy in international affairs.

Whatever are the reasons, it is shameless on the part of the PM to utter no words of sympathy over the massacre of 63 children in BRD Medical College by the inefficient state machinery and irresponsible CM whose only business is to build the temple in Ayodhya.

Gorakhpur is the constituency of the current CM and he has been elected from this Lok Sabha constituency for a long time. His explanation of the deaths of children is not only laughable but also pathetically lamentable.

The month of August sees the deaths of children, he says.

Killer Modi, Killer Yogi.

Killer Modi, Killer Yogi.

When the report of the deaths broke out, the UP CM and the Government started to pass the buck on to the predecessors and the buck went all the way down to Mayawati, who is out of power since a long time.

When it did not work, the UP health minister tried to “normalise” the serious tragedy as the normal event claiming that it happens all the time.

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The Indian media, instead of going after the state Government, tried to throw statistics at the readers showing how many thousands of deaths have been caused by a deadly disease that inflicts children in the region since many decades.

Highly irresponsible statements were made by the Chief Monster (the typo is deliberate) blaming it on the unhygienic habits of the inhabitants of the Gorakhpur.

Cow Politics

When cow become a priority for the government, kids are left to die. Shameful

Yogi Mahashay is the MP from Gorakhpur and he is blaming on the people for lack of health and cleanliness among the people in Gorakhpur. Adityanath should stop his Gorakh dhanda, or else, his communal and insensitive rule will cause many deaths in the future.

He should become responsible to the people who put him to power or at least respect the EVMs that were alleged tempered to put him there.

The deaths of the children in BRD Medical College are alarming as every human child is helpless at the hands of the adults.

The adults need to caringly and carefully nurture the young for the future and therefore these deaths must weigh heavily on our national conscience.

The entire nation should mourn over not only the deaths of innocent children, but also over our failure to protect the lives of the helpless and innocents in the democratic republic that is set to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the transfer of power.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    At least now the people of Gorakhpur have to face the reality of the person they have voted into power. They can see for themselves if he is the vaunted great administrator (that he projects himself to be), they can also see the sanskar that he proudly talks about as the head of the mutt. Let the people see and be ashamed of what they have nurtured.

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