When Will Shudras Understand Their Real Enemies?


When will the Shudras understand that their real enemies are the Brahmins and Banias?

The Times of India reported that over 900000 Marathas participated in the march in Mumbai yesterday. It is interesting to see so many people coming on the streets to demand whatever their demands maybe.

It needs a lot of resources, both physical and human, to mobilise people in this magnitude. Similarly, the Patel/Patidars have also mobilised in lakhs in the state of Gujarat. The Jats in the north India and the Kapus in the South India are on the same line. Surprisingly, they began their mobilisation by criticizing the “Dalits”, and demanding reservations.

The Shudras must realise that they are the Shudra in the Brahminical Social Order. That means their fight should be against the Brahmins and not against the Dalits. It is the religion that makes them Shudra and they should first come out of that religion that reduces them to the Shudrahood.

Coming back to Maratha, it is a linguistic term, which implies people speaking Marathi. It is not a caste, but an amalgamation of many castes, but mainly landholding castes like Kunbi who are at the forefront in asserting themselves as Marathas.

Actually, Marathas were organised by great Shivaji and they came from many Bahujan castes, therefore the first difficulty will be to define who Maratha is. There is a confusion. The Kunbis already have a reservation in place under the OBC category.

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So, the demands of the Shudras must be addressed if they are legitimate, but at the same Marathas must take further the legacy of great Marathas like Shahu Maharaj and Sayaji Maharaj.

Shahu and Sayaji are the role models to emulate for the leadership of Marathas.

Often in the personal and closed meetings, the Maratha leaders acknowledge their debt to Babasaheb Ambedkar and his great struggle for the OBCs, but they also claim that their masses will take the time to understand the reality.

Maybe it is time for Maratha leaders to educate their masses about Babasaheb Ambedkar as the heir to the great supporters of the non-Brahmin movement started by the Great Jotiba, and taken further by Shahu and Sayaji.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    Dear Mangesh, I always enjoy your posting on Velivada.I hope you saw movie by “Sairat” by Manjula, and you saw the conducts of Marathas, which is typical in Maharashtrian villages,they are the one who control the social ethos of the village.So far I am concerned they and OBC are as dangerous as the Brhaman(who have created this cob-web called Hinduism and Bania who support them and their system.The others Rajputs,jats,Reddys,Yadavas,Gujjars are infected with the same virus of caste generated in Hinduism and codified by Manu.It is my humble opinion that Marathas are NO friends of Dalit.I had conversation with many Marathas who have deep contempt for Mahar , Mang Chambhars etc. They have dual face conduct, –in public different and in private different.
    Maharashtrian Dalit have to follow the path shown by Dr. Ambedkar and sacrifices have to be made to gain our human dignity and self-respect as a united communities,ignoring our dalit political leaders who have catered to their own and their family needs. I don’t see a single Dalit political leader with dynamism and charismatic leadership qualities. We don’t need jokers like Mr. Ram Das Athwale who is nothing but a BJP/Modi Bhakt .Others are note the worthy of mentioning.


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