No One Killed Akhlaq – A Case of Communal Murder to Achieve Political Gains


The mob lynched Akhlaq in Dadri before two years and 14 out of 17 accused are released on the bail. Akhlaq was allegedly lynched on the pretext that he was holding the beef, but his brother claims that the beef was planted near the site of his murder one hour after Akhlaq was killed and therefore the murder was “pre-planned”.

In India, Muslims and Dalits languish in jail without trial and majority of the inmates in the jails are from the Muslims and the Dalit communities. The possibility of justice is rare if one is coming from the poorer background.

The Allahabad High Court grants easy bails to the murderers of Akhlaq and the fast-track court has not framed the charges as yet.

The RSS/BJP cannot see the murderers in the jail as these murders help RSS/BJP to consolidate the “Hindu” vote bank. In a systematic fashion, all the accused who were languishing in the jail for “Saffron Terror” were released on bail.

The media has been making false propaganda that there is no “Brahminical Hindu Terrorism” in India implying that no one killed Dabholkar, no one killed Pansare, and no one killed Kalburgi. They just get killed mysteriously and there is no agent or agency that killed them.

The RSS/BJP’s political strategy is clear: the Muslims must be shown as the fifth columnists and the Hindus which are divided by the caste must be politically united so that the upper caste rule is perpetuated in this country.

The numbers are against the Brahmins-Banias axis. The numbers do not favor them, but the “culture” of caste favors them. The OBCs have been continuously deprived of their rights to be an integral part of India, but the OBCs are sleeping in the slumber of Brahminical Hinduism.

The dominating castes among them are demanding their share in the reservation: Marathas in Maharashtra, Jats in the North India, Patidar/Patels in Gujarat, Kapus in Andhra Pradesh and the list can be extended to all the states in India.

The Bihar is the hotbed of OBC politics and India’s PM has to tell the masses that he is from the OBC background. The OBCs are on the move and there are leaders among them who are realising the “brahminical machinations”, but they have been often fooled by the religion which is imposed on them by the Brahmins, otherwise how the OBCs can live in the religion that treats them like the slaves in the so called scriptures that they have never seen.

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In the Gujarat riots of 2002, the Tribals and Dalits were used to kill the Muslims.

In India, except the upper caste Muslims, the majority of the Muslims (nearly 80 percent) are converted from the backward classes.

The RSS/BJP makes their own people fight against each other so that they can rule. That is why the “cow” protection is an important issue for the RSS/BJP and that is the reason why the people who create riots in the name of the cow must be shielded. The pattern is clear and easy to understand.

Akhlaq was killed by the RSS/BJP Government through the intrinsic political and social network of the people who would like to sustain power at any cost. Akhlaq’s murder is not just a case of communal murder, but it is very much a political murder.

If the violence becomes the base of the political power then the very violence will change the nature of that political power. We do have Parliament and we do have a democracy that can take care of everyone if democracy is properly realized in India.

It is unfortunate that recently the judges in the Supreme Court are discussing whether the “Right to Vote” is a fundamental right or legal right when there was a discussion on “right to privacy”.

How can the judges even think of “right to vote” as the “legal right” which can be abrogated easily by any act of the Parliament when democracy is the basic feature of Indian political system?

These rights are settled rights and even raising doubts on the right to vote shows to what extent the Judiciary is beating around the bush.

Now coming back to Akhlaq’s lynching by the mob, the Muslim community, particularly the backward class Muslims who constitute the majority of Indian Muslim population (14 percent is the total Muslim population in India) must reach out to the other backward classes for justice.

The plank of “social justice” can rally the affected communities by the Brahminical hegemony now so much strong with the political ascent of the RSS/BJP.

The only alternative is to create the strong movement for “social, economic, and political” justice and this what our constitution has taught us.

If the Government is failing to ensure justice, it is left to “We, the people of India” who are the real owners of this country to lead the movement for Justice.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    As Muslims and Dalits are killed by RSS or saffron people in the name of cow and beef and accused are arrested but they are getting bail within short period due to BJP rule in the country ,hence it is difficult to get justice from Bjp rule in the country, think, matter is serious and it seems that they are creating unrest in the country by such activities of saffrons .

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