How Mr Vivekananda Censored Gautama Buddha


Although, Mr Vivekananda did not dare much to condemn Buddha but here are some of his extremely offensive and illogical remarks on Gautama Buddha and his philosophies:

1) Buddha is said to have denied the Vedas because there is so much Himsa (killing) and other things. Every page of Buddhism is a fight with the Vedas (the ritualistic aspect). But he had no authority to do so. [1]

[My comments – Gautama Buddha had exposed the casteist Vedas and Brahmins like no other and that too 2500 years ago when India was completely turned into a Brahminised hell. Buddha bestowed his love and teachings upon the lower-caste people and embraced them so that they can overcome their humiliation. The violence of Brahmins on the helpless lower-castes was defeated by the non-violent Buddha. And that’s why we say, “Ahimsa ki taqat se jo balban hai woh Buddha hai.”]

2) Buddha is expressly agnostic about God, but God is everywhere preached in our religion. The Vedas teach God — both personal and impersonal. God is everywhere preached in the Gita. Hinduism is nothing without Him. That is the only way to salvation. Sannyasis have to repeat the following, several times. I, wishing for Multi, take refugee in God, who created the world, who breathed out the Vedas. [2]

[My comments – Not everyone is born a dead fish to go with the flow. Buddha arose against injustice and oppression. Yes, Hinduism is nothing without Vedas (the books of discrimination) and Gita (yet, another book of discrimination) and that’s why Hinduism is based on caste. Here, Mr Vivekananda confused himself between Buddha and Hinduism. Buddha had no equation with Hinduism. He was not a reformer, he was a revolutionist. That’s the main divergence between Buddha and others.]

3) The most insulting view – when Mr Vivekananda compared Buddha with Krishna —

Buddha made a fatal mistake of thinking that the whole world could be lifted to the height of Dhammapada. And self-interest spoilt all. Krishna was wiser because he was more politic. But Buddha have no compromise. The world before now has seen Avatara ruined by compromise, tortured to death for want of recognition and lost. But Buddha would have been worshipped as God in his own lifetime, all over Asia, for a moment’s compromise. [3]

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[My comments – Mr Vivekananda didn’t understand that not all are hungry for worship. Buddha didn’t boast about himself to be God/Son of God/Messenger of God. He was himself an epitome of human effort. Mr Vivekananda could not think to such a level where Buddha lived and how he had won the world from India, without travelling outside it, through his love and compassion. Buddha didn’t want him to be worshipped. And labelling Buddha a “self-interested” is the biggest and worst insult of humanity. I will refrain from commenting on Krishna here but the later was self-interested indeed. To control the power of one’s mind and influence him to fight his own family if not self-interest then what? Krishna’s life (myth) was a melodrama which cannot be compared to Buddha’s (history) from any aspect. Buddha is followed and worshipped by two-third of the world. As Vivekananda calls India the land of Krishna and Rama, then also very few foreign countries would know about them. The crap ISKCON has been polarizing people since a long time but still, India is known because of Buddha to the world. Buddha is the best gift of India and Nepal to the world that the extravagant and Brahmimised mind of Mr Vivekananda failed to introspect].

Injustice created a Buddha and Buddha created revolution. Buddha created the revolution with love, non-violence and tenderness. It is the most beautiful revolution in the history.

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Author – Niranjana Das

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    The Philosophy of Swaminvivekanand is not up to the mark and we can not compere with Lord Buddha because nobody became such extra ordinary as Lord Buddha in the world ,Swamivivekanand is child in front of Lord Buddha ,more over his philosophy is not his own philosophy but it it was Bramins philosophy ,if he will not follow advice of Brahmins then they will kill him as Dayanad Sarswati was killed because he objected for stone worshiping and finally Swami vivekanad was disappeared when he talked against Brahmins as Swami Vivekanand was shudra .

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    Jaggi Singh

    मैं आर्य समाज के लोगों के साथ कई बार बहस कर चुका हूँ वह अपने समाज के लोगों को वर्ण चेंज करने के लिए प्रेरित करते हैं और आर्य बनने के लिए कहते हैं।और पढ़े लिखे लोग भी उनके जाल में फंस जाते हैं।ऐसे में हमें अपने समाज का बचाव करने की जरूरत है और मानवता की ओर आगे बढ़ने की जरूरत है हमें विचारधाराओं के पीछे नहीं चलना हैं। मैं आपसे प्रार्थना करता हूं आप आर्य समाज के लोगों को आईना दिखाएं और ऐसे पोस्ट डालें।

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