Bahujan Politics from Now Onwards


People are suggesting that regional parties align with Congress and Communist party to create a united front. This alliance will again legitimise both Congress and Communists which are taking their last breath.

These parties divert the attention of bahujans and create fragmentation in political support for bahujan parties. Then this support is used against bahujan interests.

Death of Congress and Communist will help in polarising the political battle between rogue castes and bahujans because BJP acts casteist openly.

BJP has so far reduced reservation of SC/ST/OBC and privatise many government jobs. Even, political representations of OBCs have reduced to all time low after Mandal moment.

Current Lok Sabha has around 18 per cent members from OBC community according to Christopher Jaffrelot. This strategy will also help pasmanda, tribals, Muslim, backwards and Dalits to consolidate their support base in faster way.

See, nobody will like that Indian constitution is modified or displaced. If it is done, there will not be any OBC chief minister.

They will go after right to vote after this. They have already restricted the right to contest panchayati raj in Haryana and Rajasthan by placing conditions of education and toilet facilities.

Now, corporate can give unlimited money to political parties. 14th Finance Commission has reduced actual funds given to states. GST will further centralise the power. Bahujans cannot progress until they capture centre as centre has the money and power to make real decisions.

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This is not possible until Congress and Communist party are alive and kicking. See, the current situation right now, every section of society is protesting, it is a golden opportunity to expand bahujan politics.

Anyway, if you are making a decision in fear, then you are not making decision your enemy is making for you. Instead of being reactive, we should work to create our own bahujans politcal parties or strengthen the existing ones.

It takes lot of time to snatch vote from a winning and functioning party, political support of Congress and Communists is up for grab. Bahujan intellectuals and leaders must make most of it.

Author – Loknath Kumar

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    Mohan Rathinasamy

    Only decentralization of power will empower OBC and Dalits. Till then education and political will remain a distant dream. Until THE OBC and Dalits Unitedly fight against injustice no liberation in the near future.

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