Should Dalits Try to Save Dying Congress or Unplug its Oxygen?


With dying Congress trying its best to appeal to Dalits by organising events on Dr. Ambedkar and some Dalits participating in the events, there are questions in the minds of Dalits whether the situation that is being created good for Dalits? Can Dalits really trust Congress?

I have talked to at-least 5 Dalit activists this week who are unhappy with the way Dalits are approaching politics. These activists are maybe too afraid to come out and criticize other ‘famous Dalits’ participating in events organized by Congress but I don’t care who is ‘famous’, they have their own views so do I and I speak. So here is what I think.

For Dalits, is Congress really better than BJP? When both parties have dominance of Brahmins and they come together to oppose reservation granted to SC/ST/OBCs, do you really think Congress is better for Dalits?

BJP Congress same for Dalits

Brahmin Pride in Opposing SC/ST/OBC Reservation, Both BJP and Congress are Brahmin Parties

It is unfortunate to see Dalits trying to protect and save Congress, which is on the last leg.

I would say, let Congress die. These so called Dalit-activists who are finding solace in the Congress are betraying Dalit movement. What an unfortunate day for Dalit movement has come.

Dalits turning to Congress to protect themselves from BJP is like running away from one snake to the mouth of another one.

These Dalit leaders have not learnt anything from the history, it was Congress that kept Dalits at the edge for this long and now when they have a chance to kill Congress, these Harijan of Gandhi are providing necessary oxygen.

Congress is on the last leg, let it die. Dalits should not try to save. We know BJP is the open enemy of Dalits and minority communities so easier to fight against BJP but Congress is the hidden enemy and difficult to fight against.

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Congress, Nehru and Gandhi never did any justice to Dr. Ambedkar. Nehru insulted Dr. Ambedkar time and again. They betrayed Dr. Ambedkar and now these Harijans of Gandhi are expecting that Congress will protect them.

If Babasaheb had a chance, he would have unplugged the oxygen from Congress party and let it die and here these Harijans of Gandhi are helping the revival of the Congress.

Be it Congress or BJP or Communist parties, they have used Dalits as foot-soldiers and after gaining the power have shown Dalits their place but still, Dalits are not ready to learn from the past mistakes. Hope Dalits would read one day Dr Ambedkar’s book ‘What Congress and Gandhi Have Done to Untouchables’.

It was Saheb Kanshi Ram who turned Uttar Pradesh to Bahujan Pradesh from Brahmin Pradesh. Going back to Congress would be making UP once again Brahmin Pradesh (though BJP has already done with appointing all Brahmins/Thakurs at top positions in Police and Judiciary).

Dr Ambedkar had said that joining Congress would be suicidal. It would have been easier for him to join the Congress and have a prominent position in Congress but he didn’t do that.


He knew the dangers that Congress poses to Dalits.

Looking at the present situation, I would add a few more political parties and expand the list. Joining Congress, BJP, RSS, AAP, CPI, CPM and all Manuwadi parties is suicidal for Dalits.

Screw Congress, Screw BJP, Screw Communist Parties and if needed form an alliance with other regional parties led by Dalit-Bahujans.

We believe Congress must die for the betterment of Dalits.

Should Dalits try to save dying Congress? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

Dr Ambedkar on congress

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  1. 1
    Narendra Vaghela

    All BJPmen were former congressmen.if Congress revive they will back to was ma.kansiram’s plan to put them in one ship to easily submurge them to bottom of history!

  2. 2
    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    I forgot to mention that Bahanji surrenderd BSP to Brahamans in U.P ,since than there has been decline in the fortune of BSP .And now of course Brahamans are back with BJP .Some thing is grossly wrong going in Dalit community al over India that we can’t UNITE and have a United front like recently Marathas did in Mumbai.
    What is going on? We can criticize all we can but we don’t plan to combat with our enemies and regain our fundamental rights of equality , rather than remain second class citizens!

  3. 3
    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    Dr. Bhimratna has rightly said .one is sanpnath and other nagnath. Dalits are like cheese sandwich and Congress and BJP can eat whenever they hungry for vote.

  4. 4
    Dr. Bhimratna

    Let congress die. Kanshiramji has specifically said that it is difficult to beat congress. We can defeat BJp easily than that of cong. Saheb had given example of nagnath and sapnath for BJP and cong

  5. 5

    I think Congress will not die that soon, it has measure number of assets & wealth. It will still precedes to buy measure number of votes through EVM or by rigging

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