Monster of Political Blunders to Kill India’s Growing Economy and Democracy


Two of the hyped political moves of the RSS/BJP Government is perhaps the biggest political blunders which will take a while for the Indian economy to reform. The Parliamentary Committee submitted its report on “demonetization” and reported that not a single goal was achieved with the “replacement of currency” by new denominations.

The RBI reported that it has not yet counted the notes received in the treasury. It will be interesting to study the financial accounts of the RBI this year. The monster of demonetization has created so many problems for the common man, but the common man was told through the state-sponsored media that it was the “Robin Hood” moment, in which the rich were looted and the poor were benefited.

As the former Prime Minister of Manmohan Singh described it, it was organised loot. It is the ruling party that benefited due to its control over the institutions and of course with “insider’s information” and a lot of money got exchanged hands before hand. The money was quickly deposited outside India.

The RSS/BJP Government is boasting of its governance which has a slogan “Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas“, but the RSS/BJP Government is seriously killing the benefits of the SCs, STs, and OBCs and it is going strongly against the minorities.

The OBCs who won the rights to be part of Indian Government through Mandal Commission have been denied the right recently when the OBC candidates were disqualified because of the “creamy layer” condition. But the leaders and the community of the OBCs are sleeping.

Modi claims that he is the backward class Prime Minister, which he is not, he got his caste inducted into the backward castes.

Modi has done nothing for the OBCs but took away the legitimate share of the OBCs to be in the public services. The scholarship schemes for the backward classes are slashed and reduced to shoestring budgets wherever the RSS/BJP is ruling the state.

The RSS/BJP Government works only for its core constituency of the Brahmins and Banias (the twin evil of Brahminism and Capitalism). The OBCs must learn their lesson that in the RSS-raj (in reality Brahmin Raj), their emancipation is not possible.

Coming back to GST, though it is too early to predict its gains, it is clear that the economy has slumped. Of the two major sectors of the economy, the service sector has dipped down to the lowest in last 4 years.

The confidence among the businesses has shrunk and the confusion that has caused when the GST is enacted will lead to further chaos. The Businesses are confused due to vagaries of Government’s policies. They come suddenly and they catch the businesses unprepared.

While the UPA II was slammed by the businesses (actually the major business houses like Reliance and Tatas) for “policy paralysis”, the NDA II seems to be dogging the businesses with the “policy schizophrenia”.

The NDA II Government is so keen to intervene in all the aspects of the Governance even when it is not needed and its uncalled intervention is causing unnecessary damage to the democracy.

We do not know what other “mindless” policies this Government will make, but whatever it does, it must be done taking the general consensus which is the keystone on which Indian democracy is established. The RSS/BJP is exposing its casteist mind and its love for “Brahmins-Banias” through its inclinations towards particular policies.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    To paraphrase Dr.Ambedkar,in this temple of power ment for gods has been occupied by the devils.What do you expect? Dalit politicians who are suppose tun uphold Dr.Ambedkar’s thought in the Parliament house have betrayed the poor and deprived class who can be their savior?You get what you deserve.

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