Will Bringing Laws Against Killings in The Name of Cow Protection Work?


With the rise in the killings in the name of the cow protection, there is the demand of some sections of society that there should be a specific law against punishing and stopping those who commit a crime in the name of cow protection.

The lynching of people on the name of cow protection has increased many times under the present RSS/BJP government. It seems like a well-planned strategy of BJP/RSS to turn India into Hindu Rashtra and stay in power by consolidating the votes.

I wonder, would such law really work? Is lack of proper laws really a problem? Would such laws hinder those who commit such crime?

Consitution of India provide equality for everyone and there are laws against killing anyone in the name of anything. I believe bringing any law would not change anything for those who are suffering in the hands of cow protection terrorists. It’s Dalits and Muslims who are suffering the most in the hands of cow terrorists.

I believe rather than fighting to bring the new law against killings, it would be better to fight for the implementation of the already present laws. Conviction rate under SC/ST Act is around 1% and you are expecting that after bringing a new law against killings would change the situation? How?

The problem was never the lack of the laws. The problem is a willingness to implement those already present laws.

When those who implement the laws are not ready to implement present laws, what is the guarantee that they will implement new laws? I am against killings in the name of anything and everything but the problem is not ‘not having laws against stopping those’, the problem is something else, which we need to accept and understand if we really want a change.

There is no dearth of laws those don’t allow/stop killings but killings in the name of anything/everything are taking place, why?

The problem lies at the front where those laws are implemented, with casteist mindset of so-called upper castes people, who are in the positions to implement those laws the laws can’t be implemented properly.

When the whole judiciary and police departments are in the hands of Brahmins, are you kidding me with the demands of new laws? Are you expecting them to implement those laws?

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The focus of our energies should be on making sure the laws that we have already are being implemented properly and justice is delivered on time.

If you are too concerned with making new laws against killing in the name of cow protection, you are just playing into the hands of Manuwadi people who want you to stay occupied with something and rule over you. Focus on things that matter.

Dr Ambedkar had even said that the Consitution is good enough and would work till those who implement it, implements it well.

Dr Ambedkar had said the following almost 100 years ago and still, we haven’t listened to him and are fighting for new laws which would never be implemented. Dr Ambedkar said,

“The woes of the untouchables are not due so much to bad laws as to the hostility of the administration, which is controlled by the Hindus who import into administration their age-old prejudices against untouchables. The untouchables can never hope to get protection from the police, justice from the judiciary or benefit of a statutory law from the administration, so long as the Public Services continued to be manned the Hindus. The only hope of making the Public Services less malevolent and more responsible is to have members of the untouchables in the higher Executive.”

If you have to cut a tree, you cut roots not branches. So, Bahujans should focus on destroying Brahminism if they want the exploitation to end. Bahujans should focus all their energy on destroying Brahminism, otherwise, snakes sitting at Nagpur will swallow you while keeping you busy in things those don’t matter.

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