An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook India’s Castiest and Unilateral Attitude


Respected Mark Zuckerberg,

Says Akbar Allahabadi, the famous Urdu poet of India:


“Do not pull the arrows neither sword,

When the cannon is ready, take out the newspaper! ”

Sir, in fact, the sign of Akbar Allahabadi is towards elevating the voice without any interference. On one side, if the government is standing with a cannon, then we should emphasize the publication of the newspaper rather than picking the arrow or sword. Newspaper means Journalism. Along with changing time, the nature of journalism has also been changed. Today’s journalism has become a journalism of the ruling party or opposition. It is a matter of regret that in today’s journalism is being seen either of party or in opposition. Whereas journalism means fairness. The party’s journalism is strong because it has the support of ruling power. So it keeps on pressurizing the opposition journalism or the voice of the Opposition. But in the Journalism of Opposition, the portions of fairness are seen as it does not sell itself in the hands of the capitalists and the rulers. That is why it has to face the government bans.

Today, something similar is happening. The majority of India’s population, which is composed of workers, neglected, deprived, backward and minority communities. The Bahujan population considered to be neglected by the mainstream media, it is considered as a proper step of their entering in journalism because the entry of the majority in the mainstream media is undeclared prohibited. It is also legitimate for the majority to enter journalism because I believe that the society which does not have its own media becomes voiceless. Ideal differences are justified in a democracy but this is possible only if you will be allowed to have your opinion. When mainstream media will not give you an opportunity to put your views then we should not hesitate to create our self-platform.

Honorable Sir, today the web journalism sees a strong weapon for common peoples because crores of rupees are needed to start an electronic media and print media. The common people can not even think of it. Therefore, he has a hope in web journalism i.e. digital journalism. But for how long? Do not expect the risk of breaking down here? Absolutely because the future of web journalism’s popularity rests on the social media. Facebook’s access to the list of social media is at the top. That is why the Facebook India’s officers are behaving with racist and casteism mentality. Facebook India’s racist and casteism oriented officers have started their efforts to suppress the voice of fair journalism, the voice of poor and downtrodden community. They use to ban or disable the concern facebook account without giving any reason, without any reason and without violating the terms and condition of Facebook. First National Dastak News channel, National Janmat news channel, Velivada news channel, We Love Baba Saheb news channel, Kohram News, Senior Journalist Dilip C. Mandal, then I Suraj Kumar Bauddh and now The Resistance News…the series continues.

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Sir, why only demarcated news channels and Facebook accounts are being banned? Having consent-disagreements is evidence of our being alive. The news channels like Osh Times, National Dastak, National Janmat, Velivada, We Love Baba Saheb, Kohram News, The Resistance News is founded with the purpose of keeping alive the ethos of democracy- consent or disagreement. Since its inception, But where is Facebook India’s fairness? Bahujan Media (the media of majority peoples who are deprived by main stream media)is being forced to face Facebook’s unilateral ban. The Resistance News says that “we raise voice of people from all classes fairly, our Facebook account has been blocked from sharing links for the past 21 days, we are still waiting for Facebook to ban this ban When will Facebook remove us, no one is giving us any answer, maybe it will continue for a restriction or a month or more. ”

Sir, finally, why Facebook India is doing such kind of autocracy? Please suspend Facebook India’s Racist and Casteist officers. Facebook India should understand that we Bahujan-Mulnivasi (Indigenous Indians) are the real illumination of you. On the day when Majority Indians and progressive thinkers will stop using Facebook, the Facebook India team will be forced to leave India itself. That’s why Facebook should give the reason before blocking or reducing post’s reach or disabling or any other types of the ban on our demarcated Facebook accounts. Otherwise, Facebook has no right to stop anyone’s voice.

With Best Regards

Suraj Kumar Bauddh

(National General Secretary of Indian Indigenous Organization – Bhartiya Mulnivasi Sangthan)



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सोशल मीडिया पर पाबंदी, बहुजन आवाज पर हमला

कौन है जो डिजिटल दलित से डर रहा है और बहुजन वेबसाइट पर रोक लगा रहा है?

सोशल मीडिया की मनुस्मृति – नेशनल दस्तक के फेसबुक पेज पर पाबंदी!

बहुजन मीडिया को ख़तरा किस बात से है?

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