Brahminical Invasion to Buffet of Power and Natural Resources of India


As the population of our country is rising, resources are diminishing. So, where the finished products from these natural resources are moving? Brahminical invasion of natural resources in India is a reality and so-called lower castes have been deprived of their share.

The government took an initiative in 2011 to conduct socio-economic caste census. As, the word “caste” was amended but there is nowhere mention of distribution of wealth, houses, land, domestic animals etc in census among castes.

Cleverly, they published religion based data. If natural resources are being exploited for sake of development agenda then why not equitable distribution of those natural resources?

In economy, there are four basic factors land, labour, capital, entrepreneurship.

Labour section consists of 92% workers in the unorganized sector, out of this maximum share is of SC/ST. Land which provides rent is the favourite asset among clever and angry classes.

With time wealth is getting accumulated and landlords are selling their lands to run with a pace of developing districts and cities. Their generation is now shifting from agricultural practices to modern lifestyle.

Few of them are migrating abroad and rest have started demanding reservation. How many manual scavengers or unorganized workers are from upper strata? No one asks these questions.

Let’s come to Capital, trading in nifty, Sensex, nowadays easily accessible with the evolution of internet but how many SC /ST are indulged in broker activities? Simply, the answer lies in their dilapidated conditions.

Finally, the business/ entrepreneurs section, as we know vaishya/baniya were trader community since caste system was designed, now upcoming Brahmins also entering with carrot and stick policy in the business.

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Baba Ramdev earlier now has become Lala Ramdev, it serves Brahmins two interests one is branding shuddh products with religion and second earning money and buying lands for the promotion of ideology for sake of development.

It is same as in the case of twin balance sheet problem for RBI, in Dalits and Adivasi case, land being purchased on the name of Deshi production are left for promoting ideology more than products.

Brahminical InvasionOn the other hand, so-called upper castes get land on cheap rate as we saw in the case of Adani and Ambani while so-called lower castes struggle to get any kind of loan for any business. Brahminical organisation and Manuwadi people run land grabbing mafias and even in the name of religion they have grabbed lands worth millions. Many tribal areas have been grabbed by these Brahminical mafias through the power of the state and police. This “Vicious Cycle” will remain as long as marginalized sections remain divided. Only way out is fighting Brahminical invasion of lands, resources those belongs to everyone not just a section of the society.

Get united and fight the Brahminical invasion of natural resources, otherwise, in future, it is going to be even tougher for so-called lower castes to survive in India.

Author – Nishant Suman

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