Vyapam Scam Exposes the Underbelly of RSS’s Brand of Corruption


Vyapam exposes the underbelly of RSS’s brand of corruption and Modi’s congratulatory tweet supporting resignation of Nitish citing corruption is a farce.

Vyapam is one of the biggest corruption scandals in our country which was presided over by the BJP/RSS government with hands in glows with the RSS. It is not just the monetary corruption, but the corruption of education, and corruption of the entire system in which many fake doctors and other professionals were created by intricate financial network and the trail ran till the Nagpur headquarters of the RSS.

What was so bloody about this corruption was the blood that it shed of many people in what followed like the murder mystery when people were liquidated serially. Two days back, one of the accused was also found dead. It is scary as to how the media is underreporting the Vyapam corruption scam. The media is silenced.

The media is silenced again and again. When the media is silenced, it is the beginning of dictatorship because it means that there will be only one voice and all other voices will stopped.

In this situation, what is left to the concerned citizens is nothing but protect the constitution, constitutional values, and constitutional morality. But given the pace at which the government is moving towards murdering democracy through silencing voices and burying scams, the time is short and running out.

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Modi has no ethical locus stand to praise Nitish, because his own party and the organisation from which he came is mired in corruption. The BJP is tainted as much as other parties. The demonetisation as it appears now is the mother of all corruptions.

The RBI stopped printing 2000 notes because the bank thinks that it is easy to horde cash in the higher denomination, but BJP seemed to have stocked their share as well. The bank is now contemplating printing notes of 200.

Apparently, the government is planning second demonetisation. Who is the beneficiary of such policy? It is the ruling party that will amass such a wealth to directly pay the citizens to vote for the BJP in the next elections.

Modi’s tweet is superficial and it further exposes double standards of RSS/BJP.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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