Brahminical Hindutva Terrorism is Destroying India


When we just glance at the newspaper headlines, the world appears to be so uncertain. The terrorism and fundamentalism are on rise all over. Though Pinker is arguing that the violence is reduced in the world, the fear has increased manifold as humanity is progressing to the end no one knows.

Uncertainty is the nature of existence. We simply do not know what is going to come in the future. No one knows. But it is certain that either we are heading towards mass destruction (mass suicide) or towards mass construction (living community/humanity). There is still a choice and there will be perhaps a few choices, but what we choose from several choices now will determine the future whatever that may unfold.

In the case of India, the country is surely heading towards mass destruction as we are not able to do away with the past which is increasingly becoming the rival of the present. The rise in Hindu nationalism, Hindutva terrorism, in India, despite the society, is completely being taken over by the new revolutions in communication and technological breakthroughs.

The two worldviews are not compatible, rather they are in stark opposition to each other, creating cognitive and social dissonance, but the scale will increasingly tilt towards the new ways of communication and by that way new society steeped in the blown up communications leading to cross exchange and cross fertilization of ideas, both positive and negative.

India’s two neighbours, Pakistan and China, are both claiming that the rise of Hindu nationalism, Hindutva terrorism, will force a war in the region. The war that no one can afford. Pakistan and China are populated nations, and if we add India to that, we get the around 40 percent of people in this region alone, and any war in the region will be a calamity.

India chose democracy over other forms of governance making the governed the true masters of the governor through elections and other mechanisms. India is having an advantage to real steer through the current messy issues and forgo sticky issues of the past to further people’s welfare throughout the region and the world.

India influenced China and Pakistan when Ashoka, the historic founding father of India, ruled India based on Buddhist values, which are compatible to the progress of humanity respecting the diversity and democracy. The counterrevolution that destroyed the ethical base of India built by Buddhism led to fragmented India.

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India at this juncture must stand as common humanity to bring peace and harmony in the world. In order to do that we must become an enlightened society, the seeds of peace and harmony are already planted by Babasaheb Ambedkar through his laborious work and nourish we must these seeds for a new humanity.

The political is dependent on social and social is dependent on religious beliefs in India. The problem of tribals in India is very much the part of Hindu fundamentalism, Hindutva terrorism, that pushes people to the fringes and do not let them become the part of common humanity. India is the third terrorised nation in the world, and the Naxalite movement is the third violent movement in the world, even violent than Boko Haram, as claimed by the report released by the U.S. State Department.

The only solution is the reasoned negotiations with the Indians who feel that they are left out. And there must be efforts to make them part of Indian democracy through real representation and participation. If increasing number of Indians feels left out of the democracy, the internal threat will outweigh the external one and it will be doom for our country. That’s the reason why increasing polarisation in the name of Hindutva by the Brahmins is the real threat to India. Brahminical Hindutva terrorism is destroying India and all those who believe in democracy must stop them,

Author – Mangesh Dahiwal, Human Rights Activist

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