Sab Ka Sath, But Whose Vikas? Only So-called Upper Castes


The voters, who voted the BJP to power in Uttar Pradesh, I hope, will see it and suffer, in silence, the consequences of the administrative policy of posting and transfers along with recruitment of officers by the government. The caste ridden country must bear in mind what Babasaheb Ambedkar had said. For a Brahman, his public is his caste.

So, these law officers, police officers, administrative officers in sitting in and occupying vintage positions will serve the public who are their caste men only. Nobody will be able to raise a finger at them. Rajput, Bhumihar, Kayasths too will do the same.

Dalit and backward and minorities, if any in the loop are there, they too will serve the upper castes. Else their performance towards the public, other than Brahman, Rajput, Bhumihar and Kayasths will be considered as anti-national and unpatriotic and therefore, fit for departmental proceedings.

Law officers were most corrupt since the nineteenth century. Sibnath Shastri was a very close friend of Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. He wrote what is very true even now. According to him, anybody then concerned with the administration of justice in any capacity soon became very rich by amassing wealth through corruption, bribery, manipulation, etc.

Only recently, the country has seen how a sum of rupees ten crores changed hands in Uttar Pradesh over the grant of bail to former UP Minister Gayatri Prajapati. Rs 5 crores of the sum was pocketed by Om Prakash Mishra, the Additional Judge, POSCO Court, Lucknow. This happened a week before Mishra’s retirement. He was transferred to POSCO court by the District Judge only three weeks before his retirement. Three advocates, who were office bearers of Lucknow Bar Council, had facilitated the transfer of Mishra so that he could grant the bail to the POSCO accused. Several meetings were held at various points preceding the order for bail. On the insistence of the Chief Justice of Allahabad High, a CID inquiry was conducted into the sordid episode and the whole matter, as above, came to light and media.

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If caste system has any meaning, the retired judge O P Mishra will go scot free. In a Hindu Rashtra can Mishra be punished? Alarm bells will so furiously ring that the heaven will start trembling.

In the given circumstances, Dalit, backward, minorities have no hope of getting justice from the administration. Why so? Let’s listen what Dr Ambedkar had said:

“The woes of the untouchables are not due so much to bad laws as to the hostility of the administration, which is controlled by the Hindus who import into administration their age-old prejudices against untouchables. The untouchables can never hope to get protection from the police, justice from the judiciary or benefit of a statutory law from the administration, so long as the Public Services continued to be manned the Hindus. The only hope of making the Public Services less malevolent and more responsible is to have members of the untouchables in the higher Executive.”

[Dr B R Ambedkar, What Congress & Gandhi Have Done to the Untouchables, Vol. 9, Government of Maharashtra, Bombay, 1991, p. 95.]

Author – A K Biswas

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    Sab ka sath is only for election. But in formation of government some upper caste people gets benefits only. This is true picture if indian politic.

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    Bharat S Satyarthy

    Great note from the IX Volume of the Writings of Baba sahib BUT sir how to go ahead, a very cohesive path is required.Pl sponsored 10 students passes their XII for BALLB from our college.We shall without fee will make them Lawyer…rgrds..GLOBAL COLLEGE OF LAW AN EXCLUSIVE LAW COLLEGE WITH INCAMPUS HOSTEL IN NCR. 09313794777

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