Caste Addiction of Indians


The human beings can get addicted to anything: substance, people, ideas, and emotions, to name a few. Why our mind addicted is largely due to the nature of mind that tries to create cyclical patterns of behaviour and when the cyclical patterns become habitual, we get a sense of attachments, pleasure, and gratification. This cycle of habits was necessary for the survival in the evolutionary history of humankind, but the human beings can consciously guide their minds in a spiral way as continuous evolution. In the human history, many beings have escaped the compulsive cyclical pattern.

We are born in the sensual world and the world is experienced through the senses. The world around us can be intoxicating and hence intimidating as we fear to lose this world when we die, therefore, there is an infatuation with life, and sometimes this infatuation can lead to the destruction of life. Addiction is a fact of existence.

But, escape from it is also possible if one has a will to come out of it. Caste is also an addiction. Caste addiction is not only a severe addition but also the lethal addition. Caste addiction kills people.

End Caste Addiction

The nature of caste is the nature of fixed ideas about one’s own being and that of others. This fixity is psychological and then manifests physically. The caste needs a program for de-addiction, both for one’s own mind and of the others. This can be only achieved through working with others and working on one’s own mind.

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The caste reduces humankind to a confined sense of self. The root cause of it is desire and the nature of desire is based on our addiction to substances, ideas, emotions, and to our own self. Also, love in terms of concentration on one or a few individuals creates patterns of addiction.

It is possible to break the cyclical pattern and tread the spiral path that takes human beings on the unimaginable spheres of experiences.

On Velivada website also, almost every day we get hundreds of visitors who land on the website after searching for ‘top castes in India’, ‘top 10 castes in India’, ‘top 10 castes among Brahmins’, ‘top 10 Hindu castes’ etc. People search for the caste of any examination topper especially when they are from Dalit community. It also proves Caste addiction of Indians. – Editor

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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