Who is the Accused of Saharanpur Riots?


So, when you ask Google images, “Who is accused of Saharanpur?”, Google’s response to it is, ‘Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan’ of Bheem army. Almost similar results you can find on the Google Search also. Google’s result ranking is decided by multiple factors such as how many articles, images etc are there on the internet with specific ‘keywords’ and how people interact with those articles etc, hence shows them in order. Going into Google’s algorithm is not a discussion point here.

Saharanpur Riots

May be that’s how ‘Ramrajya’ works. The people who set homes of downtrodden on fire and cut down their children and women are not termed as accused of the riot but those who reacted against the atrocities are. Even after committing atrocities, upper castes are judged as victims and the oppressed who retaliate, get the tag of accused.

There is no link available on the internet that says the coward, killer of an unarmed Phoolan Devi,  ‘Sher Singh Rana’ has been arrested for being involved in those incidents. He roams freely on the parole, participates in Saharanpur riots. There is absolutely no outrage by the people over the police or over the government to have let him roam free when the situation in Saharanpur is dark.

In which jail, the leader of Maharana Pratap Shobha Yatra has been kept? The same gang which set Dalits’ homes on fire and cut the innocents. Instead, there have been whispers that state government has sent the cheque of few lakh rupees to a Thakur who died (not killed) during these incidents. Those whose homes were burnt, whose family was cut down are still awaiting even for few words of condolences, forget the compensation by the government. And, of course, Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan of Bheem Army has been arrested with a number of serious criminal charges against him.

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You do the casteism openly, you reward the oppressor, you sleep over the pain of oppressed, you look forward to demolishing those who put up a fight in return. Let’s see till when your casteism works and till when you fool ‘Bahujans’ in the name of religion.

You keep on making an army in the name of Maharana Pratap, the army in the name of Bajrang Dal, the army in the name of RSS, Army in the name of a cow to continue the oppression. There will be retaliation from those who understand, there will be Bheem Armies, there will be support for them, no matter how small they look in front of your giants, we will support them, we will support every organisation that stands to fight this casteism and look forward to annihilating the oppression.

In solidarity with Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan

Author – Vikas Verma

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