#DeathOfDemocracy – Behan Mayawati Resigns from Rajya Sabha


Behan Mayawati on 18th July 2017 resigned from the Rajya Sabha membership. She was the only leader who was raising voice against the atrocities on the Dalits. Be it Rohith Vemula murder case, Dalits’ beating in Una, Gujarat, or atrocities on Dalits in the Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Behan Mayawati was the only leader who was continuously raising issues of atrocities under BJP/RSS ruled government.

In the history of India, only Dalits have resigned from the post of MP, Babasaheb Ambedkar and Behan Mayawati for stopping them from working for downtrodden. Behan Mayawati became maybe the only second leader in India who resigned from the MP position for not being able to speak and work for the rights of downtrodden. First was Babasaheb Ambedkar who resigned for the rights of women in India.

Behan Mayawati’s resignation is unfortunate, death of democracy and poor lost their voice from one of the important places but with present RSS/BJP government in power have created a situation where people who want to work for Dalits and minority communities have been forced to quit or commit suicide, as we saw in the case of Rohith Vemula.

Wish we had more such leaders who really want to change the situation of poor and downtrodden in the society. Otherwise, once these so-called upper castes become MPs and MLAs, they glue themselves to the chair and don’t want to do anything for the poor but earn money only.

“Since the time the BJP has come to power, there has been exploitation of the Dalits, the poor, minorities, and backward castes,” the BSP chief said. “The Dalits were suppressed in Saharanpur but the government did not do anything about it. No community is safe in Uttar Pradesh, but the condition of the Dalits is worse,” Behan Mayawati said in the Rajya Sabha.

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Before Behan Mayawati could finish her speak on the atrocities on the Dalits in Saharanpur, Behan Mayawati was asked to cut short her talk and was interrupted by ruling party members.

Why they don’t let Behan Mayawati to speak? Because she speaks truth and expose the government’s propaganda. RSS run Modi govt. doesn’t want that voice of Dalits & minority communities be heard hence stopping Behan Mayawati from speaking in Rajya Sabha.

Earlier in the day after Rajya Sabha session, Behan Mayawati told reporters outside Parliament, “When I tried speaking about the weaker sections today in the Rajya Sabha, I was not allowed to speak. Why? It’s a shame. If I can’t speak about our weaker sections in the House then I have no right to stay in the House. This is the reason I have decided to quit from Rajya Sabha, I am not being heard, not allowed to speak.”

After sending in her resignation to the Vice-President, Behan Mayawati said, “When the ruling party is not allowing me time to present my view on the current issues, then I think it is better for me to resign.”

“Laanat hai. Agar mai apne weaker sections ki baat sadan mein nahi rakh sakti to mujhe House mein rehne ka adhikaar nahi hai (It’s shameful. If I am not allowed to speak out for the weaker sections in Parliament, then I have no right being inside either of the Houses). This is the reason I have decided to quit Rajya Sabha, I am not being heard, not allowed to speak,” Behan Mayawati said.

Resignation Letter of Behan Mayawati

Behan Mayawati Resigns 1

Behan Mayawati Resigns 2

Behan Mayawati Resigns 3

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    Though she is a great leader.. she should reinvent and start again from grassroots level.. because many dalits still see a possibility in her. Old style politics will not go far.

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    Dr A K Biswas

    I applaud her courage of conviction. We honour her wisdom and decision. We will stand by her decision. We will uphold her right to speech and expression even if the government and the establshments are against her fundamental democratic right.
    Democracy in peril.

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