Why is the RSS-BJP Government so Madly in Love with Cow?


Reports have it that the government of Maharashtra got a kit to detect the cow meat in 30 seconds. The cow is an animal that is politically sacred for the Hindu nationalists. This obsession with the cows has taken toll of human life. The Dalits were flogged and Muslim are killed in the name of the cow. This is ridiculous that the government is choosing what people should eat. People should be free to eat what they like and imposing one’s dietary habits on another is a form of diatery terrorism. The terrorism is not just about views and beliefs, in India; it can take form of dietary choices and caste hatred.

Cow is a political animal, not a religious animal

As the RSS-BJP government is forcing their choices on people, it is making India into a quotidian authoritarian society. Freedom also entails that people have choices and they have a right to choose with reasonable restrictions. But the concept of reasons is absent in the brahminical world view. Everything in their world is forced upon people. Only the Brahmins have the choice to decide for others what they should wear, eat, and drink.

Cow brings votes for RSS-BJP government

This world is dangerous for human beings. Human beings are their own agencies, they must act according to their choices and limiting choices of the people and the communities is the worst form of violence. The higher one on the caste ladder has more choices and lower ones have no choices. Their fate is sealed and sealed forever by the rigid caste order.

The same Government has never taken any steps to develop kits for determining the caste prejudice in the society. A qualitative kit can easily be developed to test if the given governmental institutions are caste free or caste slaves. The businesses can also be tested for their diversity. It is easy to do it.

This Government is hypocritical and it reaches its pinnacle when the people like Athawale bats for the same party which has a proven track record of being anti -Dalits and anti -minorities.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    Is not amazing that a tiny fringe organization like RSS has so powerful that it is now thinking of making India as a Hindu India and dismantling a secular India.
    How can be the so called Non-Brahamans -Bania Bahujan so foolish.?
    A food for thought.

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