Why Do We Need Caste Based Reservations and How Long?


Does India need caste based reservations? Of course YES..when I say so, one would ask me, why? Some would also argue that they are being denied equality in education, employment because of these reservations. Most of the so-called upper caste students of today’s India are incensed when they hear the word ‘reservation’. One who failed to comprehend inequality and injustice is now waffling about EQUALITY. I really wonder as to what equality these claimed educated are screaming about?

Basis for Caste Based Reservations – Brahminical Historical Blunders

Since 3000 years, inhuman hollow minded people have been protecting and in fact glorifying the ridiculous and most barbaric Varna/ caste system in an obdurate way. Out-castes have suffered/still suffering the worst humiliation which these upper castes could never imagine and indeed can never understand. The damage they are subjected to is incessant and imponderable.

It is the existence of these castes for which the Hinduism is responsible. No Hindu need repeat, for nobody can deny the fact, thanks to their revealing scriptures. Hindus may not like hearing so. They always try to belie it. But, one cannot deny the clamouring historical truth.

Outcastes, Tribals and Shudras are separated for about centuries and now when an attempt is made to uplift them, hardly since last 7 decades. Is it appearing to be inequality?

What is equality?

Is it letting the scheduled castes to die in sewers? Is it allowing the tribals to die of those Japanese encephalitides and malnutrition in forests? Is it allowing only Dalits to do manual scavenging? Is it allowing only Brahmins to be priests? Is this state of affairs some centuries ago? Undoubtedly not. Most of the poor in India belong to these sections. Remember this poverty of theirs has no other reason except “CASTE”.

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Reservations for creamy layer

Firstly, reservations are not primarily for economic upliftment of these people, but for socio-educational upliftment which is denied them for centuries. I often hear many arguments as to why give reservations for children of IAS or doctors or professors/those of creamy layer in SC/STs etc?

Even IAS, IPS, doctors, etc are looked down for being Dalits/Adivasis in our country and indeed their children also face discrimination, as we all know caste discrimination exists in every sphere of our lives in various forms. Caste is a monster which haunts every walk of our lives. One has to put their face to shame when they say a Dalit or tribal should face social discrimination even today and still get uplifted by his own fate.

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If the reservations are scrapped for those in a creamy layer of SC/STs it will be more unfair. Reason being most of these marginalised castes are still struggling for upliftment. They are the ones who have least resources whether it is economical, political or social. So, they look up to those of marginalised people who have already become educationally and economically sound. If reservations are retained only for those of non-creamy layer, then those marginalised educated would no longer claim SC/ST status. Dalits/Tribals who want to come up will have no one to look for an inspiration or motivation/ any help with struggling discriminated, alienated lives and get vexed with the society which never treats them equal.

With increasing privatisation, it is highly impossible for a Dalit/Adivasi to get a job as private, the corporate world is all about favouritism and nepotism.

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How long do we need caste based reservations?

Upper castes should realise that equality and justice lie in trying to bring those lives hanging on the fringes to the forefront. When upper castes argue about equality, they need to be humane to understand the lives of majority Dalits/Adivasis today. They at least should try to look at the atrocities, discrimination these communities face. It is a reality in India that one can enjoy impunity despite committing horrible atrocities on Dalits which is apparent in Karamchedu, Tsunduru or Kilvenmani massacres to name a few. So-called Upper castes have enjoyed all the privileges since 3000 years and still want to enjoy them? Of course, they still do so even today – politically, economically and socially.

As of now, our Indian society has not reached a state of scrapping caste based reservations as social inequality still exists, and percentage of these marginalised sections in education and employment is negligible. One cannot deny that Dalits are still being discriminated for what they eat and the occupations they do. So, it is clear that discrimination has not ended.

Till caste discrimination exists, till every caste is not given equal opportunity for being priests in a temple, till Dalits don’t stop doing manual scavenging, caste based reservations should exist.

Author – Sowmya

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    MB Rathore

    Thanks for the elaborated explanation.
    Let’s not demand to become priests of temples which are the very basis of our ages old exploitation. It’s better to ask for better educational, employment & occupational opportunities etc. to enable us to prove the with of the opportunities. This way the caste system will be damaged faster.

  2. 2

    Till the word ” caste” exist till that time there should be existence of reservation…. because whatever a dalit achievements are always seen & identified by his caste name, so dalits can’t come out of that stigma…

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