Letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Help Facebook Understand Caste System in India!


Hi Mark,

This is regarding banning an Indian news page called ‘National Dastak’ by Facebook.

You must have heard of the caste system. But you never knew how it worked. Let this link from BBC brief you. India’s complex caste system is among the world’s oldest forms of surviving social stratification.

India is a country with a population of about 1.25 billion. More than 80% of which are Hindus. Hinduism is divided into 4 categories:

  1. Brahmins- so called intellectuals and priestly people,
  2. Kshatriyas so-called rulers, administrators, and warriors,
  3. Vaishyas- artisans, merchants, and tradesmen,
  4. Shudras- laboring classes

This categorization implicitly had the fifth element, being those people deemed to be entirely outside of its scope, such as tribal people and the untouchables.

The top three categories or so-called forward castes are about 15% of the Hindu population. It is these 15% that control the entire country through politics, bureaucracy, judiciary, print and electronic media. These three categories have a complete hold over print and electronic media and most of the resources in India. These media houses work for particular political parties, big businessmen, and mafias. The problems, news, events relating to the rest 85% of the Hindu population along with the minority religions like Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism happening all over the country were ignored.

Internet came as a boon for these marginalized sections. Particularly Facebook. These sections now had their own media through Facebook pages, twitter, and youtube channels. Unfortunately, these so-called 15% forward classes are the most wealthy/resourceful in the country. You can google it all.

If you had a socio-economic census in you Facebook India/South Asia region offices, you would have known that more than 90% of the Indians employed by Facebook belong to these 15% forward castes, the number 90% being an underestimate.

A Facebook page called ‘National Dastak’ was banned by FB yesterday. Don’t know the reason. But what I can tell is the page was in huge demand. It catered to the needs of the marginalized, poor and exploited sections of the society. There are several other FB pages working in the same direction, National Dastak being the most successful one.

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There’s a lot of crappy news channels’ pages on FB, out there with a set agenda, propaganda, selling fake news. These crony media houses don’t want the news or problems of the marginalized to be highlighted. They make sure people don’t unit and get aware of the happening in the country.

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FB being a neutral platform was the only scope. But it seems the so-called forward castes sitting in the offices of Facebook India/South Asia have once again succeeded in oppressing the voices of the rest of the sections of the society. Not letting them speak, share or read is what they want.

I am not writing this to the MD of the Facebook India/South Asia Umang Bedi. The reason I have already explained above.

What kind of people have you recruited for Facebook India? These foolish people have blocked National Dastak. Mark, please note that National Dastak is an upcoming voice of Bahujan community [which amounts to nearly 85% people of this Nation] and sadly your people here at Facebook India are working against the interest of these 85% people. We hope that you will realize your mistake and we get to see positive changes with immediate effect.

We request you to intervene. In support of democracy, freedom to speak, read, eat, etc.

Jai Phule, Jai Shahu, Jai Bhim!

— From Dilip C Mandal’s Facebook Post

पढ़े –

सोशल मीडिया की मनुस्मृति – नेशनल दस्तक के फेसबुक पेज पर पाबंदी!

कौन है जो डिजिटल दलित से डर रहा है और बहुजन वेबसाइट पर रोक लगा रहा है?

भाई जी, खेलना है तो ठीक से खेलिए, ये नहीं कि हारने लगे तो अपना बैट लेकर भाग गए!

बहुजन मीडिया को ख़तरा किस बात से है?

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  1. 1
    Rajiv Kumar

    National Dasatak show reality of indian cast system.National Dasatak is voice of people.Now people know power of Digital Media so people wants their right as like National Dasatak.

  2. 2

    Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for helping National Dastak, I am sure that you would happy to work for downtrodden people of India.
    Pl .Allow National Dastak to work for Poor and Neglected people of India.
    I am sure you have understood the issues with India castes human discrimination.

  3. 3

    This matter should be taken to the international fora so that the world can know how the original inhabitants of India are still treated like slaves or second class citizens who are denied their due human rights by the fascists elements who are actually the invaders on this land…

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