Manusmriti Rules of Facebook – Bans National Dastak Posts #IAmWithNationalDastak


It is not the first time that Facebook has tried to block the Dalit-Bahujans’ voice. When Manusmriti was enforced they used to cut tongue but in the digital age they curtail Dalit-Bahujan voices with the bans and deleting posts by Dalit-Bahujans. Recent victim of Manusmriti rules of Facebook is National Dastak.

As per National Dastak, since 4th July 2017 the team is not able to post any link on its Facebook page. National Dastak Facebook page has around 350,000 followers, making it one of the most followed Facebook page raising issues related to Dalit-Bahujans and minority communities.

National Dastak Facebook

Since yesterday, on the Facebook page of National Dastak, a warning message is being displayed saying “Limits have been played on National Dastak, your page has been blocked from sharing links.” However, notice from Facebook further says that the limit is temporary and will expire on 10th July. There is no reason or clarification provided why these limits have been placed on the Facebook page of National Dastak.

Facebook has not informed yet anything why these limits have been placed on the National Dastak’s Facebook page but there is anger among Dalit-Bahujan communities in the way Facebook India works.

Does Facebook India Run According to the Laws of Manusmriti?

We have seen repeatedly that Facebook India removes posts against Hindutva or block those people who write anything against Brahminism giving some excuse that these posts don’t comply with Facebook Standard and Policies. What standards, Facebook India is claiming? What happens to those standards when Sanghi leaders name Dalits as Dogs and Muslims as Terrorist or Dalits as Terrorist Sympathizers? We can still see 1000s of posts against reservation and calling minority communities with all sorts of names. Where are Facebook Community Standards then, Sanghis?

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There seems a huge pressure from RSS/BJP government on the Facebook India to stop Dalit-Bahuajns from expressing their views and make people aware of the caste realities. Facebook India quickly removes posts against their Brahminical lords sitting at Nagpur!

So much so on the name of Freedom of Speech and claims that Arab Spring could take place because of the power of Facebook. Facebook’s claims are just false. Where is the spirit of open discussion and debate in Facebook India Community Standards or it just follows rules set out by leaders sitting at Nagpur? Read your books properly before blocking any message, it shows how much you care about Freedom of Speech!

Stand with National Dastak

Stand with National Dastak

Who is Afraid of Digital Dalits?

National Dastak’s posts are shared by thousands and thousands of people (mainly Dalit-Bahujans) who find the news source reliable ad trustworthy. It has emerged as a voice of the oppressed in short time, which is the reason maybe it is offending some Brahminical people who don’t want to see Dalit-Bahujan voices being heard. Who is afraid of Dalit-Bahujan voices? Who is trying to suppress the voice of National Dastak and millions of others?

After coming to power in 2014, Modi led BJP/RSS government is trying to ban and suppress voices those don’t match with their agenda of Hindu Rashtra.

National Dastak team needs your support so that it can keep on operating without any fear and oppression. Check out National Dastak website for updates and to support use hashtag #IAmWithNationalDastak on social media.

We stand with National Dastak Team and urge you to come forward and support it.

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  1. 1

    As rahul ji clarified that the ban on national dastak post is technical issue only. But it is not complete truth. It is partial truth. Some dalit opposing mentality plays major role.

    • 2

      Yes, we also believe that it is more than a technical issue. If it was only a technical issue, why then other pages which are bigger than National Dastak are not banned? They also do the same thing as posting the links and sending traffic to their own websites.

  2. 3

    Facebook ban on national mastak post is unfortunate for dalit bahujans. In fact this is the murder of freedom of speech in democratic country. We all should unite and reply facebook.

    • 6

      It is almost same on every social media platform. Sanghis are either moderators or owners and they don’t let anything related to Dalits and caste discrimination post. That’s why we need to build our own websites, communities..

  3. 7

    India is facing the talibani rule which is damnly against the mulnivasi bahujans of this land.The invaders have realised that if the mulnivasis are not opressed and supressed they will get powerful and will get their due rights which have been denied to them for thousands of years.Any way we must all stand united with solidarity with “NATINAL DASTAK” and fight out the talibani rule…..JAI BHIM…JAY BHARAT…JAY MULNIVASI….

  4. 8
    Maneesh Kumar

    Faceboook [iNDia] par [Brahm{a,e,i}n, aRyan, k[s]hetriya, aRe-a-n, tradest]wAd [b]hAvi ho raha hai. that should-must be tackled.

  5. 9
    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    Since the time BJP government s in Center and States s have come in to power.There has been muzzling of Dalit–Bahujan voice as much as possible.National Dastak has been my common site to look in to Dalit-Bahujan News because other new outlets are deeply prejudiced and Brahamnical on their orientation..
    We all must condemn with whatever means we available at our disposal.

    • 15

      Indeed, Dalit-Bahujans are showing their strength through social media and are competing well with mainstream media funded by Brahmin-Banias so all this hurts them.

  6. 17

    If a so-called liberal organization like facebook is banning the site, one can imagine the how stupid and casteist Sanghi website can be and what these sanghi websites do to spread hatred.

    • 18

      Sanghis spread hatred throughout the day on social media but Facebook doesn’t take any action against them. Why? Because people sitting at Facebook India are Sanghi!

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