Gunda Raj in BJP Ruled Uttar Pradesh – The Return of Upper Castes


In first 100 days of Yogi Adityanath led BJP/RSS government, Saharanpur riots in which Thakurs burnt Dalits’ houses and killed Dalits was not the only incident of violence against Dalits and minority communities in BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh. We can clearly see the Gunda Raj in the state, where the state is providing safe heavens for the criminals.

In May 2017, a Dalit in Aligarh’s Keshopur Jaufari village objected to a Thakur, constructing a drain near his house on a community land. The Thakurs got infuriated by this and attacked the house of Dalits with stones and Thakurs also resorted to firing from the roofs of their houses. Ten people were injured, out of which seven were Dalits.

Did you read any news about this anywhere? Why did Brahminical media keep silence about these incidents on Dalits and minority communities in India? All this have to do with the rising power of so-called upper castes in Uttar Pradesh.

With Thakur Chief Minister in power, the confidence of criminal Thakurs in high as they are not charged with any crime they commit against Dalits and minority communities. BJP/RSS government is trying its best to nominate Thakurs and Brahmins at the prominent positions such as in police.

At thana level, which is considered as the front line of the police, Thakurs have overtaken already hence there is little hope that atrocities on Dalits and minority communities will be reported and criminal Thakurs and other so-called upper castes will be punished.

For Brahminical media, does Gunda Raj only come when so-called lower castes are in power?

According to the reports from the Hindustan Times, it clearly shows how Thakurs and Brahmins are given higher positions in police.

Out of 75 district superintendents of police, there are 13 Thakurs, 20 Brahmans, one Kayastha, one Bhumihar, one Vaishya, and six other upper castes. This makes it 42 general caste SPs.

At the range level, at the inspector general/deputy inspector general level, he claims there are 11 general caste officers including three Brahmans, four Thakurs, two Kayasthas, one Vaishya and one Jain; six other backward classes including one Yadav and one Maurya; and one SC. And at the zonal level, at the additional director general/director general level, there are five general caste officers including two Brahmans, one Thakur, one Kayastha and one Vaishya; one OBC, one SC and one ST.

Gunda Raj of Thakurs in UP

According to the HT report, top 4 out of 5 ministers in the Uttar Pradesh are from so-called upper castes. Why is Brahminical media silent on the appointment of these but when Bahujan Samaj Party and SP comes to power, Brahminical media start making noise and setting agenda of Gunda Raj on every incident of crime and every appointment of so-called lower castes?

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If such trend of promoting and electing on so-called upper castes continues, we will see the rise in the number of atrocities on Dalits and no justice. With already a number of riots in the state and cow rakshak and anti-Romeo Hindutva brigades torturing people, Gunda Raj of so-called upper castes is here.

With rising atrocities on Dalits and minority communities in BJP/RSS ruled Uttar Pradesh, we ask Brahminical media, has Gunda Raj arrived?

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  1. 1
    Pallgiri Babaiiahh

    Yes Yogi government is supporting manusmritis, Thakurs, we ( Dhalith Bahujan) will give you good answers soon. Mr. Yogi you doesn’t know about history of Dhalith…..Zeena hain tho marna seekon kadam kadam par ladna seekon…Hey Dalith Bahujan policy.

  2. 2
    B Sharma

    Yes, this Yogi government is promoting only Thakurs and even Brahmins are sidelined. Brahmins are in danger. Brahmins should fight back and throw Thakurs out.

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