Which ‘Mother Cow’? Business is a Business – RSS-BJP to Sell Beef in Kerala!


Self-proclaimed cow worshipper, cow urine drinkers and discoverer of gold in cow dung, RSS/BJP followers in Kerala have decided to sell beef. It is not a first time that BJP/RSS has changed its stand. Maybe money is more important than the mother cow.

BJP/RSS has tried to assign Adhaar Card for cows in Haryana but now maybe those cows which had Adhaar cards have expired in Kerala so those cows will be going to BJP/RSS’s slaughter houses. From providing Adhaar cards to slaughterhouses run by RSS/BJP, sounds like some horror movie.

BJP/RSS has always maintained the double standard on most of the issues and has taken U-turn on most of the promises it made during the election time. In beef consuming states in India, such as Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Goa and even in North-Eastern states such as Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland, BJP/RSS has no problem with selling mother cow, beef! Such a hypocrite these people are.

On one hand in Northern India, these cow bhakts are beating and killing innocents every day but BJP’s Thrissur district unit in Kerala in association with RSS has started a co-operative society to sell beef.

According to the reports published in Malayalam Daily Deshbhimani, the co-operative society named “The Cattle Meat Manufacturing Cooperative Society” is formed directly under the BJP district president A Nagesh and secretary T S Ullas Babu. According to the report, many of the prominent local RSS and BJP leaders are members of the executive body, which will monitor the daily selling of beef and functioning!

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Opening a co-operative society to sell beef in Kerala is RSS-BJP’s plan to gain political ground in the state.

The society, the Deshabhimani report said, has already set up an office near Thiruvampady temple in the city centre to procure, process and sell meat, that includes beef, and fish.

On one hand these Sanghis call cow as their ‘mother’ and now they have started selling their ‘mother’ cow? PM Modi during his speeches while campaigning in election 2014 has denounced cow slaughter and called it ‘pink revolution’ but during Modi’s time as PM, beef export has increased and now BJP and RSS leaders have started selling beef!

Sanghis have a problem only when Dalits and Muslims, who are hardly surviving to run their meat shops and these Sanghis attack innocent people, depriving them a chance of having a cheap source of protein. Instead of targeting Dalits and Muslims, Sanghis should better focus on big companies those export beef and who knows maybe these RSS-BJP leaders will also start exporting beef soon. After all, business is a business!

Image Credit – Deshabhimani

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