Debate of Development and Developing Communities in India


Now a days we can see in the India that all media channels are showing only the work of BJP and so-called “Modi’s” work but on the other hand in the country there are many issues such as caste discrimination, peasants movement, and atrocities on Dalits etc. but the current government doesn’t want to take any serious action on atrocities on Dalits, minority communities, and farmers neither they have any plan to developing communities.

The ruling RSS/BJP party is busy doing the preparations for 2019 General Election. The Modi and his followers say that we will win the 2019’s election and then we will do development. This was the same promise that RSS/BJP made in 2014 general election also, what happened to that promise? RSS/BJP is busy turning India into a Hindu Rashtra.

Where is the development of all the communities promised by the BJP/RSS government? Where is the debate of development and developing communities and issues those matter to larger communities in India? Why doesn’t Brahminical media see the reality and talks truth?

In India, there is a contradiction between what is projected to the rest of the world and what the reality at the ground is. Prime Minister Modi travels around the world and misguides people abroad with the false hopes of progress and development in India. The reality in India is completely different, society is completely divided on chaturvarna system, a system where some castes got a higher position and others got placed at the lower position in the chaturvarna system. Which hinders the progress and development of India and developing communities but where is the debate on these important issues in India?

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So-called upper caste communities have developed themselves with the help of brahminical government and now they don’t want that the so-called lower caste progress hence we don’t see any stage or platform provided for these so-called lower caste communities. So-called upper castes don’t want to vacate their seats for so-called lower castes hence keep on holding many times illegally the positions they acquired with links and contacts in governments. Where is the debate on equal opportunities for different communities? How is India going forward in developing communities without giving any chance?

India cannot become a developed nation till 85% of its population is struggling to meet their daily needs. How is India going forward with developing communities?

The only thing that so-called upper castes do day in and day out is opposing reservation for so-called lower castes. They oppose reservation which is very important for the developing those communities who had no chance to learn for thousands of years. Instead of ending reservation, the debate should be on ending inhuman practice of casteism and discrimination that so-called lower castes face every day. In other to develop India and different communities, India needs to set straight their priorities and debate on the issues those matters to all of us.

Author – Gulshan Kumar

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