Only Women’s Movement Can Smash Discriminatory Structures


The story of human evolution is interesting. We are created through sexual process. The evolutionary processes are impersonal. So much tinkering is taking place in the area of genomics that sooner we might be able to create human beings without sexual process. If that happens, the sexual roles will come into sharp focus.

I personally feel that human beings cannot be defined based on their biological organs and genders. We are bigger realities than our biological beings. In an ultimate sense, we in our experiences transcend the limits of biology and achieve unimaginable feats irrespective of our genders.

So speculating on the time in the future where possibly humans will be created asexually, the human sex will be just a recreational process. This speculative process can give us a vantage point to think about gender discrimination that is so prevalent in the society and the question that is pertinent here is: can we reduce the human beings to their biological genders and limit them to it and by doing that create bipolar human societies?

I think that it is unjust to divide human society and human relations based on the gender. The human mind is not male or female in the ultimate analysis, though the brain may be wired differently and the field is still seeing many debates if the brains of men and women are wired differently. Whatever will be the outcome of this debate, it is beyond doubt that both the sexes have the same and equal potential. By same, I do not mean some absolute sameness, but the capacity to fully develop in any areas.

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The underlying mental processes are the same. The architecture of the mind is the same, though there may be biological differences which are insignificant. Despite so much cultural and religious barriers, women and women’s movement have smashed male-centric world.

What is very interesting for me is that both the sexes are capable of attuning to the local and focal issues in the communities and the same process of social and political analysis goes in the minds of both the sexes, but sometimes, women and their movement are more capable of reaching to bottom of the local social, cultural, and political problems as they have recourse to the universal patriarchal complexes prevalent throughout the world.

The issue of the caste, the issue of race, the issue of nationality, and issues based on other parameters are geographically local, but the problems facing women arise universally all over the world and hence the larger universal global women’s movement has the power to smash the localised issues of discrimination.

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In the struggle for social and racial justice and quest for enlightenment for all, this spirit of universal motherhood has the power to resolve many complex issues. The experience of motherhood that men lack is a serious limitation on men to really create a universal movement for justice and compassion.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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