Hindutva is Fascism so is Brahminism (Hinduism)


Hindutva tide is on the rise with lofty speed. A number of scholars from so-called progressive sections and even from reactionary sections of other folds are expressing their concerns regarding repercussions of its rise. The so-called progressive sections which include people from far left to left to liberals consider it as threat to the secular credentials of our Constitution and social structure.

While reactionary sections of other folds consider it as a threat for the survival of their own fold. Hindutva, which is Hindu theocratic state, has been described as a fascist ideology by left liberals. If Hindutva is fascism then what Hinduism is? Isn’t Hinduism fascism? Hindutva is merely nine decades old ideology but Brahminism (Hinduism) is at least 3000 years old.

Hindutva is nothing but asserting Hindu values with the help or support of the state.

These left liberals draw a very thick line between Hinduism and Hindutva while there is no such line exist in reality or maybe there is a very thin line that exists.

Why are these left liberals trying to create this false binary of Hinduism and Hindutva?

For a Dalit, Adivasi or any other oppressed sections of society both are oppressive ideology. Because this kind of oppression is not new for them. It existed for centuries before the arrival of Hindutva. Hindutva is very young but oppression is centuries old.

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This binary shows the hypocrisy of these pseudo Marxist intellectuals.

They have remained silent on the question of religion which has been described as “opium of masses” by Karl Marx. And it is very interesting to note that the where Marxism was established those societies have been turned atheist or less religious which ended or reduced feudalism to a significant extent and paved the way for Marxist revolution. But India has remained more or less a feudal society with fascist ideology such as Hinduism which has been branded as most liberal religion while reality is opposite.

These pseudo Marxist are also outcome of the same societies and most of them too regard this fascist ideology as normal thing or part of their culture and give tacit support to it by not opposing or criticizing openly. We may have seen many a times these pseudo Marxist calling countrywide bandh or strike against American imperialism and neo colonialism but what about decentralized colonialism and imperialism which has been existing for centuries under the banner of Hinduism where resources, power and education are hegemonized on the basis of birth?

Even after Independence this hegemony over resources, power and education has not changed significantly. That’s why Indian left has become irrelevant because of its ignorance and brahamanical nature.

Author – Vivek Chauhan

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