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Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. Someone asked the following question – Is It a Cardinal Sin to Take Birth as a General Category Male in India?

Another user named Mohan Vanamalai replied and we think is the best answer that anyone can give such people whose questions are full of caste pride and greed. The answer pretty much sums up why we need the reservation in the first place. We hope it helps so-called upper castes to understand upper caste privileges.

Here is the answer by Mohan Vanamalai to the question – Is It a Cardinal Sin to Take Birth as a General Category Male in India?

Cardinal sins are








No. Being born as a general category is not listed as the cardinal sin. However, having the following characteristics will qualify as a cardinal sin.

Greed to take the opportunities of the underprivileged castes even after getting 75% of top government jobs for 31% of population

Envying the underprivileged castes for getting their chance to Education after being denied for about 3000 years.

Wrath against the underprivileged castes, indulging in physical violence, cyber abuse, spreading fake news, whining

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Pride about one’s own caste, marks, ranks, skin color as a result of the practice of caste discrimination

Sloth in not working for the development of the country for the last 3000+70 years

Being born as a general category male is not a sin. However, that does not absolve anyone from committing the cardinal sins.

Not committing the above cardinal sins should be good for the general category male.

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    A perfect communist reply with the perfect communist slang. What else do you expect from a communist if an argument doesnt have privileged/ unprivileged words.

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