Now 50.5% Reservation for 15% Upper Castes Population – Sarkari Damad


Shall we say another masterstroke from Modi government? Till today, Brahminical institutions were depriving Dalit-Bahujans of their rights with their mischievous methods.But now Modi-led BJP/RSS government of India has declared that 50.5% seats are reserved for so-called upper castes only in medical admission and no Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) or Other Backward Class (OBC) can take admission in open category i.e. 50.5% quota that used to be open for everyone.

Anyone with qualification marks could get admission in open category but it would not be possible anymore according to the new rules as per the reports from the New Indian Express.

Manuwadi hate Dalit Toppers

Since Dalit-Bahujan students have started to top major examinations such as IAS, IIT etc. it was becoming painful for Manuwadi people to digest that these toppers are getting seats in open categories hence creating more seats for other Dalit-Bahujan students.  For example, a Scheduled Caste candidate topping the overall ranking in general merit category would have resulted in a seat opening up for another reserved category student but it would not be possible anymore according to the new rules.

From now onwards, no matter if SC, ST or OBC student is the topper of any examination, he/she won’t be able to get seat in open category hence reserving 50.5% of the seats only for 15% of the so-call upper castes population making it easier for so-called upper castes to get admission. The new rule will affect 470 medical colleges and 9775 seats.

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While the earlier reservation policy ensured a minimum number of seats for students from backward communities, this policy shift appears to effectively put a cap on the number of seats for which reserved category students can compete hence creating more opportunities for so-called upper castes only.

Sarkari Damad – Despite being 15% of the population now so-called upper castes will enjoy 50.5% of the reservation!

For rest of the 85% population of Dalit-Bahujans, only 49.5% seats are left. What kind of justice is this that 15% so-called upper castes population enjoy 50.5% reservation and 85% Dalit-Bahujans struggle? It is like distributing free seats to upper castes, i.e. upper castes just need to sit for the examination and it means they get the admission no matter they get 0 or negative score. 50.5% reservation for 15% upper castes!

50.5% reservation for upper castes

50.5% Reservation for Sarkari Damads Upper Castes

Will so-called upper castes now stop crying that Dalit-Bahujans are taking advantage of reservation? In fact, so-called upper castes are the true Sarkari Damad, enjoying 50.5% reservation in India.

How many of these Sarkari Damad will now come forward to oppose the move by Modi government to reserve 50.5% seats for only so-called upper castes? None. Will Youth for Equality led by Mr Kejriwal speak against the move? No, why? Because their hatred is against Dalit-Bahujans progressing and getting any chance of education.

It is highly unjustified to reserve 50.5% seats for only 15% population and we oppose this discriminatory decision by Modi government.

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  1. 1

    Now it proves that Govt has limited the people on caste line for oppressed class only & has limited their max representation to just 50 % , whereas they represent more than 85% of population. If the Govt is limiting pressed class to 50% representation the limit on general class represntation should also be fixed as 15%

  2. 2
    Sensible Citizen

    Stop misleading. This policy is only for medical seats till now but I hope it is extended to every other exam, or else reservation is completely called off. And you have given wrong facts and figures as I have explained below.
    Writer of this article has completely lost it. And get your facts straight, there are about 30% “so called” upper caste population.
    And no general category will not get seat without any effort. Because there is difference in number of seats available and number of candidates applying. It has nothing to do with % of population and % of seats available. So stop misleading. All this new policy means that the opportunity is now distributed perfectly.
    And I am against any type of reservation but if reservation is to be removed then it should be removed for everyone, or else the new structure is great. At least in this structure more deserving candidates will get through because now every category will have much needed competition.

    • 3

      What is misleading in the article? Seats are reserved now for so-called upper castes those are not more than 15%, get your facts right. So-called upper castes are not more than 15% in India but shamelessly getting 50.5% reservation.

    • 4

      I agree with u…if valivada has this much problems with researvation then request the government to remove it and make it fair for everyone…and upper caste is 30% …

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