Understanding BJP’s Dalit Politics – Creating Slaves like Ram Nath Kovind


The recent declaration of Ram Nath Kovind as a presidential candidate on behalf of BJP is an erratic torment for Dalit movement in India. The dichotomy between Dalit political leaders of BJP and societal values of Dalit can lead Dalit movement towards the bleak. No doubt BJP’s have many Dalit political leaders but they are only for the demagogue attitude of RSS. In this context, I refer two types of Dalit leaders in modern politics of India. One who is relentlessly working for social justice, recognition and emancipation of Dalit, and second those who are just to represent Dalits but works on behalf of RSS. Like a pet dog.

Who is Ram Nath Kovind? He is not a Dalit. He is a slave of BJP and RSS.

He was the national spokesperson for the party as well as the president of its Dalit Morcha. Although by profession he was an advocate but was just a spectator of violence and tortures on Dalits. So, Dalit should not defend him or support him. Because the man who could donate his own home to RSS can also sell own community for the sake of RSS’s interest.

So far the Dalits’ societal condition and political empowerment is concerned. Despite political empowerment, Dalit live in a situation of social welfare measures is still unfulfilled. Dalits have suffered cumulative domination of Brahminical forces, protested several sources of deprivation, political powerlessness, exploitation and poverty.

No doubt the protest and movements of Dalit students and organisation have given organisational shape and resulted in social awareness and political consciousness to develop self-respect and feeling of power sharing. But still Dalit face thousand of atrocities and denial from the basic right. Recent carnage at Saharanpur can show us an ample that how our Dalit political leaders of BJP address the issues. No political leader came forward for Una Gujarat Dalit, rapes in Tamil Nadu and atrocity in Rajasthan and so on. After BJP came to power the rate of atrocities on Dalits and rape have increased rapidly.

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BJP is silent on all social problems of Dalit and is showing its dramatic attitude to capture the votes of Dalits.

Baba Saheb said, ‘path of social reform like the path to heaven at any rate in Indian is strewn with many difficulties. Few friends and many critics.’ (Dr. Ambedkar 1936). Dalit social reality is far away from political reality. Dalits can be used by RSS for political motto but socially demolish and tortured by them. Many of RSS’s saints, intellectual even political leaders always attack Dr. Ambedkar and demolish his contributions. Many BJP leaders have spitted their poison towards Dalits. Therefore, political reality whether in case of agitation or administration must admit social equality within caste dynamics. We all know well that it is indeed impossible.

Lastly, I would say resolutely that Dalit must understand the BJP plan and objectives. And also to learn from them that how far they can scarify individual interest for the sake of organisational interest. As we all know that L.K. Advani was declared by BJP as presidential candidate after 2014 election but Advani is pushed back now by BJP and a slave Dalit came forward to contest for presidential election.

Author – Abhayveer Boudh

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  1. 1
    Shrikant Gaware

    Comparing Kovind with Eklavya is an insult to Eklavya. Eklavya was a brave warrior. Even after cheated by Dron he proved his bravery in war. He was on the side of Duryodhana, who uphold the values of humanity and equality. In fact in Mahabharat truth prevails on the side of Duryodhana and not Pandavas, as none of them was legal son of Pandu and had legal right to claim the Kingdom. Pandvas denied Khstriyaship to Karna but no Khsatriya existed at that time since Parshurama had extinguished it 21 times well before birth of Rama. How can Ramayana and Mahabharata advocate Chaturvarna ? Thus Ramayana and Mahabharat are bull shits. I think a thorough research and propaganda is required to wash off the minds of OBC/SC and ST drive out a ghost of Hindutva.
    RSS and BJP had thrown a bone of Pre.sidentship to a slave Kovind who is munching it. With the grace of Babasaheb Ambedkar he became a lawyer but he won’t react even if BJP openly commits all sorts of atrocities against his own caste.

  2. 2
    Vinaya Rakkhita

    A Slave is a Slave whether he sits on the ground or on the high chair because he cannot dare and leads his people to nowhere.

  3. 3

    Dalits should not be fooled by the tokenism of the BJP and the Sangh parivar. During the British colonial periods too we had Indians who were quite willing to give their loyalty to the British even if it meant condemning other Indians to their death – these are the traitors amongst us whom we should never trust. Remember – Kovind is no indication that BJP is suddenly friendly to the Dalit cause – far from it. This is an attempt to sabotage the Dalit uprising before it becomes any larger.

  4. 5
    Kuldip Kumar

    Kovind reminds me of Eklavya who submitted meekly to cheat Dron. We were taught Eklavya was great because he gave away his thumb to his “teacher”. Now Kovinds are doing the same.

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