President’s Race – Dalit vs Dalit – Meira Kumar or Ramnath Kovind?


Congress-led opposition parties today announced Meira Kumar as their candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in India. It is now to be seen who will get the maximum support while in the race to India’s top constitutional post – Meira Kumar or Ram Nath Kovind?

Meira Kumar or Ramnath Kovind?

One is an obedient servant of Congress and another one a foot soldier of RSS. One is a follower of Gandhi-Nehru and another one a follower of Hedgewar-Golwalkar. Both have nothing to do with Ambedkarism and have never been associated with the Phule-Ambedkarite movement for the emancipation of downtrodden. So how does it matter who becomes President? Neither of them, after becoming President, is going to make any difference to the lives of suffering masses of downtrodden Scheduled castes.

“UPA nominee for President’s post, Meira Kumar is more capable and popular than NDA candidate,” Ms Mayawati said, according to news agency PTI. Meira Kumar was elected to Lok Sabha for the first time from Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh in 1985, defeating top Dalit leaders Mayawati and Ram Vilas Paswan. She is 5 times MP. On the other hand, Ram Nath Kovind is a puppet in the hands of RSS and some say bogus Dalit.

Voting for the presidential election will take place on July 17 and results will be announced three days later on July 20.

If you are a loyal servant of your Manuvadi masters either of RSS or of Congress, you can get nominated for a post of President, even when you are a Scheduled caste.

But if you are an honest, upright, self-made, righteous, self-respecting person from a Scheduled Caste, you expose the corrupt judges of Supreme Court and High Courts, challenge the Manuvadi social order, then instead of awarding you for exposing corruption, you will be jailed on a frivolous charge of contempt of court.

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What a travesty of Justice! Welcome to a Hindu Rashtra!

Let us know in the comments section, what are your views on the upcoming Presidental election in India? Whom would you like to see as the next president of India?

Author – Jayant

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  1. 1
    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    I feel sorry for Ms. Meira Kumar Ram, she has been made,”Mohra/in hindi Bakra( a sacrificial lamb) by the Congress Party .poor lady has no choice but as an obedient Congresswoman ;like her father Babuji Jajjiwan Ram a die hard Congress man, has to face the Damocles sword of Congress leadership.
    Please don’t spend too much time on an issue of little significance like Presidential candidates, they are usually of no consequence to an ordinary citizens of India including Dalits ,this all is a vote bank hype when real issues of Dalits are concern.Let us focus on issues of great importance.If you care focus on Mr. P.M Modi
    Let us help to get release of Bhim Army leader mr. Chandrashekar AKA RavaN. from the jail. Dalit politicians have become”His Master Voice.”

  2. 2
    S chandra

    Based on (2004 – 2014 ) 10 years past performance of Meira as a speaker and social justice welfare minister of the most corrupt Manmohan singh’s congress govt, can she save Bharat Mata from deep rooted corruption ( AIDS , Cancer ) or she will add to it after becoming president ? Remember pratibha patil’s history of air force’s Pune land grabbing and 8 trucks loaded material from Raisina.

  3. 4

    Both will be useless as far as the dalit cause is concerned since they have their loyalties. Meira ji is preferable since she is accomplished, experienced in parliamentary procedure and diplomacy as opposed to Kovil ji of whom I heard just 2 days back.

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