Mao to Lama [Poem]


“My mother too was a Buddhist.

Religion is poison.

Motherland will take care of you. “

And dismissed him like an

Uninvited, unliked intruder.


Mao declared thus

His was not a civilising religion either

He defined his own in

That brief Marxist moment.


Is Mao’s order Better?

Is it nectar opposed to Lama’s poison?

Is slavery better than freedom?


Tibetan honour is mauled.

Is it a better life

Than their peaceful, guileless one

In the lap of nature

At the top of the world?


Do the powerful have a right to obliterate

Their weak neighbours?

Who will decide?


Is the UN listening?

Where are the Human Rights NGOs?

Are they still alive or Tibet is

An unpleasant sound?

Poet – A. L. Rawal

In Image, sitting at centre – Mao Zedong, Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama

Image Credit – Wikipedia

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