BJP’s Presidential Candidate Nominee – Mr. Ramnath Kovind – A Bogus Dalit


BJP’s Presidential candidate Mr. Ramnath Kovind belongs to “Koli/Kori” community which is predominant in Gujarat, apart from other states in our country. They intermixed with Rajputs due to the practice of  Hypergamous Marriage. During British rule, some Kolis also held small princely states. The Rajputs viewed them as kshatriyas. However, over a period of time, Kolis lost their equal standing with the Patidar community.

Mr. Ramnath Kovind’s father Mr. Maikulal used to run a kirana shop in their village. He was an expert in Ayurvedic herbs and used to treat the villagers free. Mr. Maikul would feed Brahmins while also distribute books to children with chants of Ram Ram among children (The Hindu dated 21.06.2017).Do you give credence to the fact that Brahmins had taken food from a Dalit?

The primary criteria upon which a community was included in the list of Scheduled Castes was “Untouchability”. When it is so when Mr. Ramnath Kovind’s father Mr. Maikulal – a KOLI was feeding Brahmins, is there a meaning in calling Kolis as Scheduled Caste – Dalit? Thus, by any standards, Kolis are not Scheduled Castes and hence Mr. Ramnath Kovind is not a Dalit. [Overall situation of Koli/Kori might be miserable but not true for Mr. Ramnath Kovind.]

As of 2012, various communities bearing the Koli/Kori name appear in the Central list of Other Backward Classes. The Govt. of India classified the Koli community as Scheduled Caste inh the 2001 Census for the states of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

The dominant Thakurs and Brahmins of this caste sensitive village were reported to have presented him with 12 precious mukuts (ceremonial crowns), 11 made of silver and 1 of gold to him on his visit to his ancestral village in November 2001 (The Hindu dated.21.06.2017) in his honour – how many times you have seen such an honour for a Dalit? Such an honour to a Dalit is unimaginable.

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Now, please tell me as to whether Mr. Ramnath Kovind, who hails from a village near Kanpur, UP and living in Delhi after his graduation, belong to a Dalit community as portrayed by the BJP and the whole Brahminical print and electronic media equally. BJP’s President Mr. Amit Shah’s move of projecting Mr. Ramnath Kovind as a Dalit for the presidential election has been hailed as a masterstroke, paralyzing the move of the gullible and ill-informed opposition parties and they stand paralyzed wondering as to what to say or do next.

In the last 3 years of its rule at the centre, the BJP has only been making tall promises with no tangible results to the nation so far. Now, they have made a false claim to the nation and the ill-informed political parties, including Dalit parties BSP, VCK and PT, are blinking.

I recollect Dr. Ambedkar’s “Educate, Organize and Agitate” slogan and wish our countrymen awake and protect ourselves and the generation to come from the impending disaster.

Author – K. Somasundaram.

The information given above is as extracted from various sources and The Hindu, Chennai City Edition dated 21.06.2017.

Image Credit – Economic Times

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  1. 2
    Rajneesh singh koliya

    Yes, you are right …Kolis are not dalit , they are kshatriya vansaj(ishvaanku vansh)..
    Anjana koliya and lord buddha also koliya (ishvaanku dansty).
    Kolis are vansaj of Mandhata ,in whose 25th generation lord Ram was born..

    • 3

      Maze kar bhai tu. Koli-Chamar is generally used term to abuse dalits. No temple entry , untouchability, bonded labour, verbal abuses , caste duties/services all are applicable for Kolis.

      Live in reality at least. Agr koli rajput b the usme koi bdi aur mahaan bat ni hai.
      Jai Bheem

      • 4
        Rajneesh singh

        Koli kabhi dalit ni tha.. british-raj me criminal tribe act laga diya gya tha kolio par iss bajah se up mp rajasthan me thodi condition kharab ho gyi..
        Desh azad hone k baad b ise in rajyo me denotify-tribe me daal diya tha iss bajah se pahle OBC me uske baad sc me daal diya gya..

  2. 5

    Dear Sir, Good analysis about Sri Kovind.
    This statement from author Sri. K. Somasundaram ” Dr. Ambedkar’s “Educate, Organize and Agitate” slogan and wish our countrymen awake and protect ourselves” is wrong as correct sequence is Educate agitate and Organize. Our leaders are failing mainly because of this wrong statement which is the root cause of creation of thousands of organizations without benefit for the community.

  3. 6

    Very well researched article. I should congratulate author on that. I just want put a comment on small section of article. I can sense that author is having a view that if person humiliated in society or booted out from temples and religious places is a true identity of dalit.on the other hand where we are fighting on equality of all people in the society. Such views won’t create any positivity but can spread only negativity. It’s not that all the Dalits are treated badly. Some are fortunate to raise above the cast system injustice.

    I dont mean degrading your article, it’s very well researched. But the way you have wrote couple sentences in the article are not good

  4. 7
    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    Well said the Velivada Manager,all opinions are important, we may disagree , but let us continue a civil discourse.Fake news/info needs to be corrected .Velivada provides a good forum for various pinions, and we all must respect and agree to disagree in a civil manner.A censorship in not allowedd in a free and democratic society unless a State uses a sedition charges on their own definition of what is allowed and what is not allowed.
    I think when all said and done.Mr. Kovinda comes from a weaver community in U.P, the rest is a debatable point, about his caste identity whether he is a Dalit or an OBC or a Kshatriya etc.I smell a vote bank strategy on the part of BJP/RSS.
    But as a whole the President of India is like a bird in a olden cage ,it has no executive power which is entirely vested in Prime Minister of India.
    Please focus on the issue of Dalits liberation.. You all are wasting time of an issue a very small in the schema of things.Focus on P.M’s office. 9 out of ten Presidents they are rubber stamps and more so it will be in case of Mr. Kovinda.I remember it was only once the late President Narayanan sent s a bill back to P.M and refuset to sign and that made BJP/P/M Vajpayee upset because it never happened.Dalits need to use politics better for their own gain.As late American Philosopher ,Banjamin Franklin said, “A house divide can’t fight with the enemy.”
    Jai Bhim,

  5. 8
    Donald Baxter

    Let me correct you about the BUDDHIST SLOGAN used by Dr Ambedkar. It is EDUCATE, AGITATE, ORGANIZE….You have put organize second!

  6. 9
    Mathangi Raja Ramesh

    The RSS ideology do not promote an untouchable to any post except to the menial jobs, Kolis in some some states may be treated with disdain but the fact is that they are treated as Backward classes in most of the states. But the fact is that Ramnad Kovind is a true follower of RSS ideology of supporting caste system, which no dalit ever do even in dreams. He is not against to the slavery of the dalits in this society, never raised his voice for the dalits cause. He is just a puppet in the of the BJP and RSS to appease the dalits and make them to bear the burden of the caste system and stealing their rights one by one just by showing this pseudo dalit as a showpiece.

    • 10
      Donald Baxter


      Saffron Fascism
      Shyam Chand
      Pages: 182 Rs 200
      Unity Publisher
      855/2, Panchkula

      That Hindutva fundamentally aims at the preservation of the Brahminical system, based as it is on the systematic exploitation of the Dalit-Bahujan majority, has been pointed out by numerous scholars, based on a close examination of RSS policies and statements. I recently came across a fascinating study of Hindutva, which, unfortunately, does not seem to have received the attention that it deserves. ‘Saffron Fascism’ by Shyam Chand, is a brilliant and incisive critique of the Hindutva project. Shyam Chand was a member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly for several years, and served over time as minister of various departments, including excise, taxation, urban development, food and supplies, and social welfare.

      The book carries excerpts of what Shyam Chand calls a secret circular sent out by the RSS to its preachers. It clearly indicates the sinister Brahminical strategy of using the Dalit-Bahujans to attack the Muslims and Christians, aiming to keep the Dalit-Bahujans under the permanent slavery of the ‘upper’ castes. I am reproducing this section here [taken from pp.143-44 of the book].

      Excerpts from the Secret Circular No.411 issued by the RSS:

      […] Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes are to be recruited to the party so as to increase the volunteers to fight against the Ambedkarites and Mussalmans.

      Hindutva should be preached with a vengeance among physicians and pharmacists so that, with their help, time expired [sic.] and spurious medicines might be distributed amongst the Scheduled Castes, Mussalmans and Scheduled Tribes. The newborn infants of Shudras, Ati-Shudras, Mussalmans, Christians and the like should be crippled by administering injections to them. To this end, there should be a show of blood-donation camps.

      Encouragement and instigation should be carried on [sic.] more vigorously so that the womenfolk of Scheduled Castes, Mussalmans and Christians live by prostitution.

      Plans should be made more fool-proof so that the people of the Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes, Musslamans and Christians, especially the Ambedkarites, become crippled by taking in [sic.] harmful eatables.

      Special attention should be given to the students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes so as to make them read the history written according to our dictates.

      During riots the women of Mussalmans and Scheduled Castes should be gang-raped. Friends and acquaintances cannot be spared. The work should proceed on the Surat model.

      Publication of writings against Mussalmans, Christians, Buddhists and Ambedkarites should be accelerated. Essays and writings should be published in such a way as to prove that Ashoka was opposed to the Aryans.

      All literature opposed to Hindus and Brahmins are [sic.] to be destroyed. Dalits, Mussalmans, Christians and Ambedkarites should be searched out. Care should be taken to see that this literature do [sic.] not reach public places. Hindu literature is to apply [sic.] to the Backward Classes and Ambedkarites.

      The demand by the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for filling in the backlog vacancies in services shall by no means be met. Watch should be kept to see that their demands for entry and promotion in government, non-government or semi-government institutions are to be rejected and their service records are destroyed with damaging reports.

      Measures should be taken to make the prejudices amongst Scheduled Castes and Backward people more deep-rooted. To this end, help must be taken from saints and ascetics.

      Attacks should be started with vigour against equality, preaching communists [sic.], Ambedkarites, Islamic teachers, Christian missionaries and neighbours [?].

      Assaults should be made on Ambedkar’s statues with greater efforts.

      Dalit and Muslim writers are to be recruited to the party and by them the essays and literature opposed to the Dalits, Ambedkarites and Mussalmans written and preached. Attention is to be paid to see that these writings are properly edited and preached [sic.].

      Those opposed to Hindutva are to be murdered through false encounters. For this work the help of the police and semi-military [sic.] forces should always be taken.g

    • 13

      Yes, you can share. We are aware of the problem that you might be facing. Please copy the link and share on Facebook and you can delete the snippet.

  7. 14
    Vivek Chauhan

    Thank-you admin @velivada for replying.Kindly let me know your e-mail id where I can send my articles for publication.

  8. 17

    We don’t want such candidates of RSS/BJP/Congress,
    But my question is how can we promote ours candidate like Adv. Prakashji Ambedkar or Justice. Karnan or Wilson Bezwada in runner up….

  9. 18
    Vivek Chauhan

    The author of this article seems to possess very ill knowledge regarding koli caste.Some historical facts he cited may be true but present situation of Koli/Kori tribe is not like he mentioned.You can’t generalise Mr Kovinds experience for entire community.You must visit Himalayan States (HP, UK) .Kolis are untouchables. So called upper caste people abuse them by their community name i.e. koli.
    They are land labourers and many are still also bonded labour. Atrocities are committed against them and they are so helpless that these atrocities never get reported bcz it has become norms.
    Just bcz bjp has selected a person belonging to this commity for presidential candidature it doesn’t mean that you misinform others that Kolis are pseudo dalits.
    I request admin to remove this article from their site .You are losing creditability.

    • 19

      We give everyone option to express his/her views so we will not remove the post and instead if you want to publish a longer article with your views, send us and we will publish that also. Thank you.

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