Justice Denied Once Again – Dalit Judge Justice C S Karnan Arrested


While some Dalits were starting to demand that Justice C S Karnan should be next president, BJP played another card and arrested Justice Karnan.

Justice C S Karnan retired on 12th June from his service as High Court judge. He was arrested today at Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore by the West Bengal Police. He will be taken to Chennai tonight, brought to Kolkata tomorrow and sent to Presidency jail as per the reports.

Justice (Retd.) Karnan arrested by Police in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), confirms his lawyer Peter Ramesh according to ANI. During all this time, he was staying at his home, why was not he arrested earlier? Why only when Dalits had started demanding that he be elected as next president?

On 8th May 2017, Justice C S Karnan orders five-year jail sentence and fine for Chief Justice of India and 7 other Supreme Court judges for acting against the Dalit judge and the ruling was under SC/ST Act.

It must be kept in mind that Justice Karnan, a Dalit judge is fighting against the corruption and caste discrimination in the judiciary system in India and he was harassed by so-called upper caste judges. Not only caste discrimination but Justice Karnan had raised the issue of sexual harassment by judges but his views are being ignored both by Brahminical courts and media.

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Today, on 9th May 2017, Supreme Court sentenced Justice Karnan to six months imprisonment for contempt of court.

Justice C S Karnan is mainly targeted because he is Dalit.

It is well known that Indian courts are dominated by Brahmins. There is a question does even Supreme Court has right to punish High Court Judge? Under Constitution except for Parliament, no one can punish High Court judge. Brahminical judges are going against the Constitution to punish Dalit judge and labeling him mentally not fit.

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