Omniscient [Poem]


I have lived without the Vedas

And their knowledge

For centuries.

I can live without the Vedas

And their knowledge

For centuries.


You poured molten lead

Into my ears to prevent me

From listening to their verses.

You cut my tongue if perchance

I recited one or two without

Knowing it was forbidden.


If it was divine knowledge

Why was it forbidden to me?

Do you hold

Intellectual Property Right

On what is not yours?


Has it done any good to you?

Has their recitation made you

A better human being?


Shambook whispers

He was rewarded with

Death when he recited,

You objected to it.


Has the murder made you a better

Human or Divine

Or Half- human half- divine?


Your Holy Books

Are but lessons in bigotry,

In hatred against one and all

Against yourself.


Your Holy Books are citadels of

Imperialism, of slavery.


Inspired by your Holy Books you

Came to benefit me with their Verses.

They spread darkness

Of Knowledge you preached.

Your Holy books inspired Bloodshed of the innocent

Here, there and everywhere.


I was already aware of

What is what

Sitting at the feet of

The Buddha – the Omniscient.

Author – A. L. Rawal

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