Ram Rajya and Attack on Indian Nationhood


Under Yogi Adityanath, the RSS/BJP have officially launched Ram Rajya in the state of UP. The prayers and rituals are conducted day in and day out in Ayodhya, with official support and it’s claimed by the UP government that the Ram Rajya has commenced in that state.

Ram Rajya is popularised by Gandhi as the ideal form of government. And this statecraft it’s based on the epic of Ramayana. As the story goes, Ram established his kingdom based on Varnashrama Dharma: the society based on Varna and Ashrama (the twin pillars of brahminical stratagem). There are many stories in the epic that shows how the rule of the Brahmins was protected, through violence and also through politics. It has no scope for democracy, no scope for women, no scope for the lower caste to be the masters of their own destiny but to be slaves of the social system.

The only time India has anything close to the Democratic spirit of the society, it was during the time of great Ashoka, but it is history, not the story in the epic.

The Buddha was the foremost proponent of Democratic values. The Buddhism conquered the masses through peace and civilised the barbarian tribes and the states. The RSS/BJP knows this that while they can do anything in India to propagate wrong thinking in India, in the world outside, no one cares about mythical figures.

Modi goes on telling the world that he is the follower of the Buddha and that India is the Buddhist country. He quotes the Buddha extensively in his international speeches, visits Buddhist temples, makes it a point to tell that his village was the historical Buddhist place, arranges Conference, and perhaps more important is that he invokes the Buddha for pleas to include India in the UN Security Council. He goes on to tell Obama that the “Spiritual friendship (Kalyanamitrata) is the entire spiritual life”. The Buddhist over the world get amored by it as the Buddhist world love Buddhism and are indebted to the Buddha.

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This is the old Gandhian tactics: in the vernacular language write the most heinous and racist thoughts and the world outside pose oneself as the Mahatma. Gandhi is casteist and racist and invokes Hindu imagery when he is talking to Indians, but to the world outside he puts on his mask of Mahatma, a liberal, and peaceful Messiah.

This is the same pattern but sharply vicious and evil. Modi is posed as the peaceful Messiah, the leader supreme, almost the Almighty God above the questions. Whatever wrongs he does, it is his Lila. Of course, this Avtar must be succeeded and that is by the emergent new Avtar of Adityanath, the modern jingoistic and casteist Ram, almost the Shrunga who destroyed the peaceful Mauryan kingdom by the dangerous violence. RSS is not a divine organisation. The founders of the Jan Sangh (Shyamaprasad Mukherjee) and the BJP (Deendayal Upadhyay) were not murdered by the terrorists, but the insiders. The RSS/BJP has a history of internal violence. If it does not toe the line of India’s constitution and behave in accordance with its values, the contradictions will destroy it violently from within.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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