Dalit-Bahujan Rap – Children of Counter Culture


Dedicated to all the Children of Counter Culture (Dalit Bahujan Culture) which stands in complete opposition to the Brahmin culture of this country.

This is the alternative which has space for humaneness, compassion, self-reflection, criticism and rationality.

We are children of this culture!



Yo this is us children of counter culture,

Counter-culture, this is us.


You must be wondering,

What every single day this Dalit guy is screaming.

I don’t know what the next morning dawn has in store for me,

So hear me out while I screamin.

The kerosene smelling lantern of my leaking hut has made me dreamy.

Yo this is us, children of counter culture.

Counter-culture, this is us.


Too many times I keep treading on our memory lane,

Revising our past time and again.

It drives me insane,

Like a stream of current flowing through my vein,

Squeezing out all the grey matters of my brain.

I see too many patches of caste slavery stains.

In this very lane,

We will blow up Manu’s kingdom no one us can restrain.

We busting all your myths, learn from us how to be humane.

Yo this is us Children of Counter Culture,

Counter Culture, this is us.


Yo never forget these following names,

Our feet were tied, they broke so many shackles of chains.

Too small for them is the hall of fame,

Human personalities they reclaimed.


Baba Saheb’s Prabbudha Bharat, Ravidas Begumpura (this is counter-culture).

Mahatma Phule’s Bahujan Niti, Kanshiram’s political power (this is counter culture).

Savitri Bai & Fatima Sheikh’s Education, Phoolan Devi’s rebellion (This is counter culture).

Periyar’s self-respect, Birsa munda’s ulgulan (This is counter culture)

Yo this is us Children of Counter-culture.

Counter Culture this is us.


To sing this out loud I was always scared,

Humming to my heart beat, Random symphony Now I dare.

Pot hanging on our neck,

Molten lead in our ears,

Brooms on our back, even our shadows had to be cleared.

Yo this is your culture we will never forget,

You keep on trying to erase our history how can you dare.

Lynching us on trees, pushing us into the gutters.

Your history is full of violent spree,

Just hold on of our counter-culture this is just a starter.

Yo this is us, Children of Counter Culture, Counter-culture this is us.

Rapper – Sumeet Samos

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