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Jai Bhim!

Dr. Ambedkar High School in Hungary would like to motivate and inspire underprivileged Roma students by sending them to English language summer camp.

Dr. Ambedkar High School was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing quality education and opportunities to Roma community, opportunities which have been denied to them because of racial discrimination and segregated educational system.

Since coming to existence, Dr. Ambedkar High School has successfully helped many Roma students finish their high school studies and send some of them for higher education studies at various universities. Till now, despite the shortage of funds and opposition from various politicians, the school has been progressing thanks to the support from donors.

English language is very important for the students as it opens various doors for them and makes them suitable for the job market. So, we would love to send 6 of our students for the summer camp organised by FEK Foundation, Hungary so that it helps in integration as well as providing new learning experience for the students.

To send one student to a one-week summer camp would cost around 150 Euro (around 46,000 HUF), which includes travelling, accommodation and food. For 6 students we would need around 1000 Euro (around 300, 000 HUF). If we could manage to raise more money, we will send more students for the English learning.

Deadline for the project is 10th July 2017. So, please help us raise the required money.

Support Dr. Ambedkar School, Hungary

About Jai Bhim Network and Dr. Ambedkar Schools in Hungary

Recently, a documentary movie named ‘Angry Buddha’ on the Dr. Ambedkar School and Jai Bhim Network was also released.  Watch Trailer of Angry Buddha Documentary

dr-ambedkars-statue-at-sajokaza-hungary Roma School

On 14th April 2016, at Dr Ambedkar School in Sajokaza, Hungary, Dr Ambedkar’s statue was installed by Jai Bhim Network. It is the first statue of Dr. Ambedkar in the Central European Region!

Lord Buddha TV channel from Nagpur had also made documentary ‘Ambedkar in Hungary’ on Jai Bhim Network run Dr. Ambedkar Schools.

Know more about Jai Bhim Network 

Dr Ambedkar School

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A few years ago, first Buddhist worship book “Telihold” (Full Moon) in Hungarian was published by the Jai Bhim Network.

Jai Bhim Network Hungary Dr Ambedkar Schools

Support Dr. Ambedkar School, Hungary

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