The Dog of Hastinapur [Poem]


When the dog barked at Eklavya,

He could have silenced it with a single shot.

But he silenced the barking dog

By filling up its mouth with arrows

Shot one after another

Like an expert archer.

He sent a message to the

Guru of Hastinapur,

Who had refused to train him,

That a better archer

Existed to challenge his favourite pupil Arjun.

Barking of the dog of Hastinapur

Has echoed through the ages.

The only difference is that the

Name of the dog changes with the

Name of the new Eklavya.

A dog barked again declared

Ambedkar was a false god.

Pat came the reply.

Those who fight for the oppressed

And the suppressed always

Have packs of hounds trailing them.

The archer was a civilised man

He filled up the barking mouth

With a civilised answer.

Filled up the blankness of uncivilised life

With a non-violent message of civilisation.


This poem was inspired by the attack on Dr. Ambedkar by a renowned author who wrote ‘Worshipping False Gods’.

Author – A. L. Rawal

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