Jesus, a Devil – Says 9th Class Textbook in BJP Ruled Gujarat


Another blunder in BJP ruled Gujarat, this time a class IX Hindi language textbook published by the Gujarat board has used the word “haivaan” (devil) before Jesus Christ instead of the intended word ‘bhagwan’ (God) in a passage in one of its chapters, triggering protests from the Christian community.

Officials say it was printing error but why does it occur when religious leaders of other than Hinduism (Brahminism) are mentioned? It is not the first time BJP/RSS government have failed Christian community.

The controversial reference appears on page 16, which is in the chapter titled “Teacher-student relationship in Indian culture”.

Jesus a Devil

The statement reads: “Is sambandh me ‘haivaan Issa’ ka ek kathan sada smaraniya hai. (In this context, a statement by ‘demon Jesus’ is always memorable).”

Members of Christian community demands the withdrawal of the book from immediate effect but education board made changes only in the online version of the book and said it will not be possible to withdraw the textbooks as they were already distributed to students across the state!

How many government schools student read digital version anyways? Almost, none! So, making changes only on the online version doesn’t solve any purpose.

The Indian Christian Voice (ICV), an organisation representing the larger interests of the Christian community in India, said in a statement that the reference has deeply hurt the religious sentiments of both Christians and Muslims, who also regard him as a highly revered Prophet in Islam.

The ICV chief said the offence invites action under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code, pertaining to hurting religious sentiments of any class and must be invoked against those responsible for ensuring such a ‘typo’ is never repeated in future.

Jesus was brahmin

Jesus a Tamil Hindu?

Appropriation and misrepresenting Jesus Christ is nothing new. One of the RSS founders, Ganesh Damodar Savarkar, brother of Savarkar had written book Christ Parichay, first published in 1946, in which he claimed that Jesus was Brahmin and born in Tamil Nadu! The book claims Christ’s real name was Keshao Krishna, Christ’s sacred thread ceremony (Janeu) was held when he was 12, as per Brahmin tradition, and that he wore the sacred thread like any other Hindu. It also claims that Christianity was a Hindu cult and doctrine introduced by Christ and was never a separate religion. It was in Kashmir that Christ prayed to Lord Shiva and he spent the last days of his life in the Himalayas.

All this crap is written and published by RSS and BJP leaders and BJP/RSS openly have many times come to oppose Christianity and Jesus Christ.

There should be a strict action against those who represented Jesus Christ in the bad light so that no other such ‘typo’ happen in future.

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