BJP Still Scared of Rohith Vemula – Denies Screening Certificate to Rohith Vemula Film


A film on Rohith Vemula, the other one on JNU issue and the third one on Kashmir are not given exemption certificate for being able to participate in Film festival.

The Film festival which will begin on 16th June and is organised by Kerala State Chalachithra Academy, an organisation under the state government’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) has denied censor exemption to three documentaries, based on Rohith Vemula, JNU issue and Kashmir issue, for screening at the upcoming International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala.

Dalit-Bahujans should boycott these certificates and screen movies. We can’t expect any justice from Brahminical organisations.

But then, I would ask why you need a certificate? We should boycott these certificates of ‘honour’, asks human rights activist Vidya Bhushan Rawat. How will a government give you a certificate to screen where its hands are muddy? This is the real threat to ‘freedom of expression”. We hope the filmmakers will not get deterred with such and should be allowed the screening. For all others, it is time to register your protest against such attempt to throttle voices of freedom and choice, adds Vidya Bhushan.

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BJP/RSS government and the University of Hyderabad had forced Rohith Vemula to commit suicide in 2016.

Films screened at film festivals do not require a certificate from the Censor Board, but they must have a censor exemption certificate from the Ministry. Without censor exemption, no documentary or feature film can be screened at a festival.

The films denied screening at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala are The Unbearable Being of Lightness (based on Rohith Vemula’s suicide), In the shade of Fallen Chinar (on the unrest in Kashmir), and March, March, March (based on the student agitation at JNU).

BJP/RSS government issued permission to screen 200 films but these 3 films were denied permission and not reason was provide by the ministry says the chairman of the academy.

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Why is BJP/RSS government so scared? Why is it killing freedom?

No matter what BJP/RSS government does, we will not let Rohith Vemula’s memory die.

Recently, director of the film on Rohith Vemula made the film available to the public. Watch it now!

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    Xavier Dias

    The man and this picture has now become an icon for all of us and banning him from film festivals will only reinforce his presence. You have lost this battle high caste folk and your BJP party

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