Whenever a Gita Chopra, a Gita Mathur,  a Gita Thakur, a Gita Kaul,

A Gita Bannerjee, a Gita Chatterjee,

A Gita Rajput, a Gita Thevar,

A Gita Sharma, a Gita Rajvamshi,

A Gita Krishnamurthy, a Gita Pandey

Is dishonoured by a Ranga or a Billa,

This alert administration

Catches him and puts him

To the gallows.


Abductor of Ram’s Sita

Was also found after all

 And punished with death.


The gang which raped and killed

Nirbhaya Pandey was also caught

And sentenced.


But I a Dalit virgin

Wait for the great man

Who will catch these Thakurs,

These Sharmas and the policemen

Who abducted and dishonoured

Me and hang them

 Like Ranga and Billa.


Ranga and Billa were two criminals who abducted Gita Chopra in 1970s, raped and killed her with her brother. They were caught and hanged later.

Poem by – A. L. Rawal

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