Why UPSC is Reserving PH Seats for Upper Castes in Civil Services?


UPSC conducts annual exam for the Civil services. It is considered to be the toughest exam in the world but even the finally selected candidate among the top 100 can not claim that they can repeat the same results by another attempt, and hence many candidates also call it a random selection by UPSC and exam attempt is like another shot in the dark [1].

As per the constitutional mandate, UPSC is required to provide reservation for SC/ST/OBC and PH candidates. As per the norm, 3% seats are reserved for Physically Handicapped (PH) candidates. With the 1099 candidates in the final results, about 33 PH candidates should be in the list of 1099 successful candidates. However, the results show 44 successful PH candidates.

While here is absolutely no problem with 44 successful PH candidates instead of 33 reserved seats. However, the caste diversity in the qualified PH candidates tells the story of a conspiracy in the name of PH selection. Out of 44 qualified candidates, 35 belongs to General category and only 9 belong to OBC category. None of SC/ST candidates is selected in PH category.

So, under the PH category 80% seats are captured by General upper caste category.

Further, discrimination is clearly visible once you enter the marks distribution in PH category for OBC and upper caste candidates (as no SC ST are on the list). On average, PH candidates from OBC are required to have higher written marks and they are given lower interview marks clearly showing the bias against them.

All PH candidates General Category OBC SC ST
Total Number of candidates 44.0 35.0 9.0
Written Test Marks 781.5 779.4 789.3
Personality Test Marks 163.5 164.7 159.1
Total Marks 945.0 944.1 948.4

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This is the result when the incidence of physical handicap is significantly higher in SC and ST group. One study base on 2011 census estimates that about 18% SC population and about 15% ST population are physically handicapped as compared to all India average of about 2.5% physically handicapped population.[2]

The clear case of upper caste domination in the name of PH reservation must be stopped and SC/ST/OBC should be given reservation under the PH category itself. The upper caste wants reservation in the name of PH but doesn’t want to provide any reservation within that, although research has proven that the discrimination is much more prevalent within towards SC/ST/OBC group even within PH.

References – 

[1] http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/another-shot-in-the-dark/

[2] http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0159809

Author – S. Kumar


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  1. 1

    Good point, i appreciate your research. These General Category people have more than 60% of reservation despite being less than 10% in population. Still hungry like pig’s and they want more.

  2. 2

    Brother , why don’t you ask the government to reserve oxygen , fresh air , sunlight , beautiful sky , nature , and even the right to life only to the people who are so called lower caste and please also raise the demand for total massacre of upper caste . as they are so called upper caste people don’t need food ,land ,house to survive as all the upper caste people have huge reserve of gold ,diamonds ,precious stones etc . Actually they are not HUMAN .
    Thank you

    • 3

      Don’t lie and stop hating others. It’s the so-called upper castes who control everything in India. Further if you want to say so-called upper castes are not HUMAN, I wouldn’t oppose you 🙂

  3. 4

    Are esa ki nahi khete ki 100% reservation kardeni chahiye pir bhi shanti nahi milegi PH ki sirf 3% reservation hai or sc/st ki 15% pir bhi jalan and if you want reservation in PH categories it really simple apni eyes donate kardo or PH categories me reservation lelo tum

    • 5

      Don’t show your merit and answer logically to the questions raised and provide data to dispute the facts and if you can’t. Just shut up!

    • 6
      Anoop Saxena

      sahi hai bhai.. inhae 100 percent bhi we do you bhi inhae kam lagega…. age bhi jayada.. marks bhi kam sab inhi ke liye toh hai….

  4. 8

    How many reservations more are needed for lower caste at the cost of lives of the so called upper caste……. Enough of this discrimination based on casteism…… Give it to economically backward socially backward is a myth just to crumble so called upper caste lives….. Now being bern as a general male has been the most horrible disease. Because now they are being discriminated

    • 9

      Has caste discrimination ended? When discrimination is based on caste then why shall reservation be based on economical background?

  5. 10

    Nonsense! People who appear for UPSC exams are NOT judged by their caste. If a candidate has scored some marks, it means he/she has earned it by their own performance. So sir, with al due respect to u, stop writing such meaningless articles and try making sense next time u come out with such irrelevant statistics.
    And Please STOP asking(+provoking people to ask) for reservations. Let people try to achieve greater heights through their own abilities. Encourage this if possible, else silence atleast would be a better contribution from your end.
    Thank you.

    • 11

      Lol, what a joke! Caste matter at each and every step of life. Caste matters in interviews and it’s proved many times. Go read some good stuff first then come and comment. Come out of you Sanghi mentality. Which abilities you are talking about when so-called upper castes are ready to stop so-called lower castes at every step and kill every chance so-called lower castes have to progress?

  6. 12

    Dnt make people fool by manipulating the data. If SC/ST have that much large population of PwDs ..Then total population of PwDs will be more. And now let’s talk about PwD Quota ..As per PwD Act,1995 ,3 % reservation will be given to PwDs of which 1 % for locomotor, 1 % for visual and 1 % for Hearing and it is irrespective of any caste , creed or religion .Any person who is getting more marks will simply be selected . Dnt make hue and cry for every thing in the name of 1000 years of injustice for which no one in the current generation is responsible however, in the name of social justice, they have to suffer

    • 14

      No one is crying except so-called upper castes. Have you read the article and checked the data? Read again! Further, caste discrimination is not 1000s of years old it is still present in the society, work to end caste discrimination first and then we will see.

      • 15

        If so Work towards it, Please! Don’t not let it grow by writing these kind of articles. And please show us some relevant data. Not every tom Dick n harry’z data is reliable. And a study involves sample size of a data collected, this means it can NEVER represent the whole population. Please get your facts right.
        Disappointing to see such articles even in such modern days.

        • 16

          If you disagree with the article, why don’t you provide the data in disagreement? Exactly, not any Tom, Dick and Harry’s can provide data to dispute, hence you won’t. Yes, these are modern days where Manuwad and Brahminism rules, indeed modern days! Sigh!

      • 17

        See man.. opportunity is guaranteed but not outcomes..how long u all require reservation nd even u r not sure abt it..Dnt foul cry nd keep this raga of reservation again nd again

        • 18

          Lol, don’t teach Gita crap here that “opportunity is guaranteed but not outcomes” it’s so called upper castes who stop so-called lower castes at each and every step so neither there is opportunity nor outcome as hatred in the bellies of so-called upper castes doesn’t let any other caste group progress. How long reservation? Till Hindu caste system is there, as simple as it is and till there is no equality.

      • 19

        Well said a physically challenged general student have the capability to walk without his leg and can do all activities without a hand also because he is upper cast . Are u sick son on ias officer with st SC quota and saying general are taking away . Let the reservation increase for deprived section but let the section out of reservation who are in class 1 or class 2 of the deprived section so called . No upper cast claim your seat it is in you class upper society who take away the seat deserved by the deprived section

        • 20

          No, I am sick son of Brahmin beggars sitting at temples, fooling people and earning money!

          When discrimination is based on caste then why shall reservation be based on economical background?

      • 21

        Caste based discrimination was made by so called intelligent people and this was to make advantage by fooling everyone. This caste based discrimination can be removed if upper caste people fully respects other caste and share the same space in a respectfull manner.

        The first step is to accept our invitation and have a lunch, dinner etc prepared in a very hygenic way by our communities and remove all caste based ghats and temple and if possible try to remove caste based matrimonial and should consider education, family status.

        May be you know that it’s not possible at all. Hence you have got your answer. Best.

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