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“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X

Brahminical media busy projecting Arun Shourie as the Messiah of freedom of the press in India. Can Brahminical media tell us since when Arun Shourie became the Messiah of freedom of the speech in India?

Arun Shourie is not the defender of freedom of speech but defender and preacher of ‘hate speech’.

NDTV is the same channel in which Brahmin Kanhaiya Kumar (JNU student) is promoted and Dalit Chandrashekar Azad (of Bhim Army) is ignored. Rohit Vemula’s family is ignored while Brahmins are promoted. Why? What was the NDTV’s stand on the media gag order put on Dalit Judge Justice Karnan? Wasn’t that the murder of the freedom of expression?

Suppose Mr Modi does come, then those things get automatically set right said Arun Shourie in an interview on CNN-IBN before 2014 election. He is the one who also promoted Modi, campaigned for him and helped him win. Just because he is Brahmin and media will make people believe that he is your new Messiah! But before that, let’s see what he thinks about Muslims, Dalits and Dr. Ambedkar.

Arun Shourie on Muslims’ killing in Gujarat riots

… because in my view such things happen as a reaction, as happened in Delhi as a reaction to [Indira] Gandhi’s brutal killing [in 1984]. You can’t then prevent those things. Nobody can prevent those things.

“I am moved by what happens to individuals, what happens to my son, I don’t care if hundreds of people die somewhere. They die in earthquakes as well,” said Arun Shourie

Only a sick can compare communal riots to natural calamity. How is he even considered intellectual in India? The magic of Brahminical media, it can make any Brahmin hero.

Further Arun Shourie also said,“I was more affected by Atalji’s pain than what had happened in Gujarat.”

As if Atalji’s house was destroyed, 3 sisters were raped and murdered, 2 brothers were burnt alive and 3 children were butchered that his pain was bigger than what Muslims of Gujarat went through. No? Then what kind of sick mentality he has?

In 2014, Arun Shourie said he did not think Modi needed to apologise for 2002.

Anti-Dalit, Anit-Dr Ambedkar Statements of Arun Shourie

Arun Shourie is not only anti-Muslim but anti-Dalits and against Dr. Ambedkar also. He has written book named ‘Worshipping False Gods’ on Dr. Ambedkar, book which is full of illogical arguments. I will discuss a few of his arguments against Dr. Ambedkar.

“Statues, dressed in garish blue, holding a copy of the Constitution – have been put up in city after city” writes Arun Shourie in his book. He has a problem with Dr. Amebdkar’s statues but does he also have a problem with statues of other so-called upper caste leaders? No. Why?

He doesn’t even know that the statues have played a major role in the political assertion, not only for Dalits but for every other caste group.

“The raising of the statues has represented a claim to pride and public space,” writes Gail Omvedt and no one can deny that.

Read – Stop Attacking Dalit Statues and Dalit Pride

Next, Arun Shourie in his book writes, there is not one instance, not one single, solitary instance in which Ambedkar participated in any activity connected with that struggle to free the country.

Shourie ignores Ambedkar’s attack on the British at the Round Table Conference where he said: “When we compare our present position with the one which it was our lot to bear in Indian society of pre-British days, we find that, instead of marching on, we are marking time. Before the British we were in a loathsome position because of our untouchability. Has the British government done anything to remove it? Before the British, we could not draw water from the village well. Before the British we could not enter the temple. Can we enter now?…. To none of these questions can we give an affirmative answer. Our wrongs have remained as open sores and they were not righted although 150 years of British rule have rolled away…. Of what good is such a government to anybody?…” Is this the language of a British stooge? Is this the language “revolutionary” Sanghi Savarkar used while writing mercy letters to the British government?

Read -  [Transcript] Dr. Ambedkar Speaks on M.K. Gandhi and Poona Pact (BBC Radio) - 1955

When in Hinduism (Brahminism) untouchables were not given any rights, when their eyes were plucked if they even try to enter temple, their ears were cut if they tried to listen to any religious scripture, when they had to carry broom behind their back and pot in front of their mouth and under British government for the first time they saw some relief from all these inhuman behaviour of so-called Hindus then tell us how easy it is to deny that freedom and opportunities?

What was the idea of freedom and what kind of freedom untouchables got on 15th August 1947? Nothing changed for untouchables. It was only a mere transfer of power from British to so-called upper castes (Brahmins) on Independence Day. This is what Dr. Ambedkar was afraid of and his predictions were right. He knew what Arun Shourie and co. would do to India if it were handed over to Brahmins, turn it to Hindu Rashtra, which Dr. Ambedkar believed would be the greatest calamity.

Shourie needs to cut his Janeu to understand the fight of Dr. Ambedkar that freed crores of so-called lower caste people and women, who were denied equal rights as per the Brahminical scriptures. Dr. Ambedkar fought single handed and won equal rights for everyone. He led Mahad Satyagraha and Kalaram Mandir Satyagraha, which are no less than the satyagraha what Gandhi led and Shourie praised in his book.

Arun Shourie criticises Dr. Ambedkar for not participating in Quit India movement, but did his parent organisation, RSS, participate? No, RSS had assured the governor of the Central Province that it would not participate in the Quit India Movement. Nor is there a mention of Guru Golvalkar’s speech in Pune in 1944 in which he ridiculed the Quit India Movement as a small breeze which affected only a few trees.

Dr Ambedkar’s contribution toward women, towards economic and social reforms, is immense which Shourie and co. cannot and don’t want to acknowledge but appropriate only.

(To know more about the contribution of Dr. Ambedkar towards India, read Dr Ambedkar and International Labour Day)

‘What Congress and Gandhi Have Done to the Untouchables’ book by Dr. Ambedkar was first published in 1945 and guess who has a problem with it? Arun Shouire! He argues why it was published just 2 years before the independence!

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The book (What Congress and Gandhi Have Done to the Untouchables) has been published officially by the education department of the government of Maharashtra, and is sold at a subsidised price, writes Arun Shourie in his book Worshipping False Gods.

If not Dr. Ambedkar’s book then which books Arun Shourie wants the government to publish and distribute at the subsidised price? Ramayana, Gita or Manusmriti? By the way, isn’t RSS/BJP government saffronisation the education with forcing teaching Gita and Ramayana in schools?

Arun Shouire further notes in his book that, “far from a word of gratitude for the fact that, even though he (Dr. Ambedkar) had been heaping scorn at them (Congress leaders) for a quarter of a century, even though he had been a most ardent member of the British government which had thrown them and kept them in jails for years, the Congress leaders had put all that aside and invited him to join the government, far from there being any word of gratitude, there was not a word even of appreciation…”

What kind of appreciation is Mr. Shourie looking for? Had he read ‘What Congress and Gandhi Have Done to the Untouchables’ and other books by Dr. Ambedkar, he would not have put such an illogical argument? Would anyone appreciate the oppressor? What Arun Shouire is looking for is an appreciation for being humiliation and discrimination that was heaped on Dr. Ambedkar. Arun Shourie needs to read what Mr. Nehru did with Dr. Ambedkar and how Nehru discriminated.

Arun Shourie has a problem with Dr. Ambedkar participating in the Round Table Conferences in England and opposing Gandhi who tried his best to deprive untouchables what was rightfully theirs. Shourie blames Dr. Ambedkar for the Gandhi’s fast which led to Poona Pact. Shourie writes, … ‘Gandhiji had to stake his very life to thwart the maneuver the British made — in consultation with Ambedkar. ‘

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Arun Shourie further criticises Dr. Ambedkar writing that he was interested only in material things and money.

What a joke! How much money and property Dr. Ambedkar made and had when he died? He didn’t had even money to publish his own books and had to ask for money from friends to publish his last book, Buddha and His Dhamma. When he wrote letter to Nehru asking for help to publish the book, Nehru insulted him.

Further, Shourie is forgetting that in 1935 when Dr. Ambedkar had declared that he was born a Hindu but he will not die a Hindu, different religious groups offered him money to convert to their religion. Had he been interested in money, he would have accepted those offers.

Further, Arun Shourie writes, Ambedkar collaborated with the British to undermine Gandhiji’. He blames Dr. Ambedkar for working in the Viceroy’s Council! Arun Shourie thinks that Dr. Ambedkar’s hardship is “exaggerated by apologists”. He further compares the hardship (I would say caste discrimination) that Dr. Ambedkar faced to the starvation that whole India was facing. Only a Brahmin can compare “caste discrimination” to “starvation” and still enjoy all the benefits of being an intellectual in India!

If only Shourie had ever gone through the hardship Dr. Ambedkar went through then he would have known but because of the sacred thread hanging around your neck, you would not know what the hardship is and what it means to be untouchable. Born with the Janeu around the neck and writing about the hardship!

Read -  [Transcript] Dr. Ambedkar Speaks on M.K. Gandhi and Poona Pact (BBC Radio) - 1955

Another criticism of Dr. Ambedkar by Arun Shourie is that Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism was merely a political act.

Really, Arun Shourie? I mean really? How did he get political benefit by converting to Buddhism? If he was really interested in getting benefit from politics then he would not have resigned from Nehru’s cabinet when the Hindu Code Bill, which was for the betterment of women society, was not passed. Dr. Ambedkar is perhaps the only minister till now in India who has resigned for the betterment of women society. Read what Dr Ambedkar had to say why he converted to Buddhism and why he loved Buddhism.

Lastly, Arun Shourie have a problem with Dr. Ambedkar being award Bharat Ratna! He praises Gandhi in the book as much as he could.

His whole book is kind of baseless and useless reading, the kind of posting we see every day on social media – full of lies, without proof, hateful and propaganda.

So, before you believe in what Brahminical media telling you that Arun Shourie is the saviour of freedom of the press, think twice!

Image Credit – Indian Express

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  1. 1
    Gidla vinay

    I read about the news Muslims warning Shourie in news paper and other social networking, now I came to know that it is a one sided..
    Thanks for revealing the other side…
    What a person is Mr. Shourie,
    He may write hundreds of books projecting Baba Saheb as a false god but we know about our real God and he doesn’t have any idea on how children in Ambedkarites families teach about Baba Saheb Ambedkar….
    Jai Bheem

  2. 2
    Intelligent dalit

    NDTV anchors don’t loose their cool easily .They are not Arnab .They did it purposely so to project themselves as saviours of democracy and gain popular support.
    Now any enquiry against their corruption would be treated as war against free speech.
    All NDTV news anchors consider themselves as elites and yes they are anti dalit. Congress and NDTV are sweet poison. Left parties are also Brahmanical they are crap.

  3. 3
    Abbas Dinesh

    This website spreads nothing but hate among people still in the name of intellectual realisation of some social problem that definitely existed but has little practical utility, insight and relevance to the developmental though process needed to mend and move ahead in current times. Still harping upon the same old agenda and sowing hate into fresh minds! Shame on you!

    • 4

      Lol, since when speaking truth and showing reality became the hate speech? What about Mr. Arun Shourie’s statements? Is he uniting people with his hate speeches/writings? Yes, shame on us for exposing such sick people like Arun Shourie, Sanghis!

  4. 5

    Im disagree with this article about the NDTV stand of bhraminism instead of Dalit oppression. You have mentioned about the interview of Kanhaiya as he is Brahman by birth but the whole nation knows that he is struggling for minorities. Its not that only dalit can raise voice for dalits in society, any one can be an Ambedkarite.

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      He is struggling more than what a Dalit is struggling or what Rohith Vemula’s family is struggling? Why Rohith Vemula’s family didn’t get as much coverage as some Brahmin gets?

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