For a Girl How Ambedkarite Houses are Different from Brahminical Houses


All homes are different to some extent but there is a general trend that can be seen in the homes of different communities in India. Ambedkarites’ homes are different than of so-called Brahmins’ houses. In Ambedkarites’ houses, there is equality among boys and girls, parents give importance to education, and parents teach to respect humanity rather than worship some cow or monkey.

In Ambedkarite homes, your Gods and Heroes are not some fictitious characters but those who worked for humanity and mankind.

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  1. You don’t have to do a pooja of several deities daily.
  2. Since you don’t have to do a pooja, you aren’t obliged to shower before going near the “devghar” (By the way, there is no “devghar” in Ambedkarite houses).
  3. You aren’t obliged to fast on a particular Tuesday or Saturday. Neither you are forced to fast to get better bridegroom nor to prolong the life of your husband.
  4. You can eat any non-veg food on any day as well.
  5. When you’re menstruating, you aren’t obliged to restrict yourself to one room, or be forbidden to go in the kitchen, or be forbidden to go near the “devghar”, or be forbidden to touch the utensils, or be asked to sleep on separate bed, or be ordered to wash your hair on the 3rd day. Things go normal, no one bats an eye.
  1. The very first preference would be given to your education and career. You would be conditioned to develop yourself to be a self-sufficient individual.
  2. Instead of focusing on your complexion or appearance for better prospects of marriage, you would be encouraged to excel in your careers.
  3. No Ambedkarite would ever give, take or ask for dowry so your family would not be debt-ridden forever after your marriage.
  4. No Ambedkarite/Bahujan festival would demean your existence.
  5. If you are an Ambedkarite Buddhist, no damn person can dare to stop you from going to the Vihara.
  6. Laws of Manu won’t have any place in your house. You won’t be treated as a sub-human/inferior. Laws of humanity would always prevail.
  7. You will learn to value humanity and speak against the injustice and stand for equal rights. You are not taught to hate Muslims.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the above observations? How are Ambedkarite houses different from the Brahminical houses? Let us know if you have any other point to mention and we will update the post.

Author – Aboli Nimbalkar, BA Final Year Student

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      Sumit Ringane

      Ambedkar House teach me… Share food everyone without any discrimination.and it’s teach me without asked about any religion where u belong.

  1. 3
    Mx Rani

    Also In an Ambedkararite Houses,Parents treat their children as full human beings who have rights and they respect their consent and body autonomy unlike the Brahminical household where children daily face physical and Sexual Violence.
    In Ambedkararite Houses, Parents impart Comprehensive Sex and Sexuality Education to Children at different age levels (appropriate age) unlike the Brahminical houses where the children are force fed about false morality and sexuality is evil kind of things .
    In Ambedkarite houses , Neurodivergence is welcomed unlike the Brahminical houses which enforces Ableism

  2. 4
    Dr. Vasant Mhaske

    Some more differences:
    – since childhood, you are taught to believe in your hard work eg. Studies so you don’t believe in offerings in any form to get something in return. On frowning up you tend to become resistant to corruption. Also since you are taught to believe ” you reap as you sow” you tend to refrain from evil.
    – You are taught to believe in the middle path of Buddha so you are not likely to become Extremists.
    – There is no concept of Kanyadan in Ambedkarite Buddhists so your dignity is never compromised in marriages.
    – There is no concept of the requirement of Son for moksha, so there is no discrimination in A Boy or a girl preference. This is also proved by a statistics.
    – There is no concept of looking down at labour work so dignity of labour is automatically inculcated in culture.
    & many more…

  3. 6

    Wow ! Only a liberty loving dignified girl can only appreciate the humane and rational values which are displayed towards girls and women by the family members.

    Very precise and real life observations.

  4. 7

    In ambedkarite homes You are considered as human and not discriminated on the basis of gender since are taught to evolve as human being and to serve for the betterment of are taught that you are free as good as opposite gender and have no obligations or objections regarding dressing eating hobbies social interactions just on the basis of gender…

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