BJP’s Mantra is Clear – No Money for Dalits and Farmers But Crores for Mallya, Adani and Ambani


Prime Minister Modi and BJP before 2014 election was promising ‘acche din’ for everyone and slogans such as ‘enough atrocities on farmers, now BJP government’ but all these promises of ‘acche din’ and end of atrocities on farmers were just another jumlas.

Neither acche din came nor the atrocities on farmers ended. Famers still continue to commit suicide as governments not ready to pay fair price for their produce.

Farmers in both BJP ruled states, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh are on roads protesting but no government is ready to listen to the voice of ‘aan daata’! On 7th June 2017, 6 farmers were killed and 8 others were injured in two separate incidents of firing by police in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. They have been seeking better prices for their produce and waiver of loans but police opened the fire and killed innocents. Where is Modi and BJP’s promise of ending atrocities on farmers?

When BJP and Modi came to power with the promise of ending atrocities on farmer, why they are failing to keep their promises as they have failed on every other promise? For power, they made jumla promises and have betrayed everyone in the country.

Since when protesting peacefully and demanding for the better price for their produce became a crime? Why is BJP treating farmers worse than animals? Using weapons to silence protesters is what BJP government has been doing till now. The story is same no matter it is BJP ruled Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh, farmers have been beaten and killed for asking for the loan waiver and better price for their produce.

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At the same time, Vijay Mallya, Adani, Ambani’s are given 1000s of crores rupees in loan waiver and government doesn’t have money for farmers and Dalit students scholarships.  No one even asks these big businesses to return the 1000s of crores they have taken on loan but if some poor has taken a loan of 10-15000 government chase them anything and many a time leads them to commit suicide.

Prime Minister, Modi who tweets on each and every incident across the world is silent on the killing of 6 farmers in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh.

The current crisis appeared to have been triggered by a price crash in most crops, partly on account of bumper production and more so due to the demonetisation-induced liquidity crunch in produce markets. Demonetisation has ruined the lives of poor and farmer as prices for their produce has halved what it was last year.

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    Suleiman Haq

    Yes everyone wants free goodies, free food, free land, free healthcare and high vegetable prices. Who will pay for INR 60 per KG of onions?

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