UP Police Misusing National Security Act and Gangster Act to Harass Dalits-Muslims


Invoking National Security Act (1980) and Gangster Act in UP to protect smuggling and slaughtering of cows is anti-humanity and anti-national.

The UP Police chief has directed the police departments in UP to book people involved in smuggling and slaughtering cows must be booked under the NSA and Gangster Act. The state is going to extreme ends to protect cows, but similar initiatives were never seen by the Government to protect citizens of India.

The laws are meant for the protection of human beings/citizens, but the UP Government priority is not protection of citizens, mostly those targets of the hate crime by the Hindu nationalists. For the Hindutva nationalists, the hold on power is the most important and they are ready to resort to any means which will sustain their hold on power.

Protecting cows with the National Security Act is the mockery of entire security issues in India. How the slaughtering and smuggling cows threatens nation?

It makes no sense. India’s internal security threats are rising because of the misuse of this Act. The RSS/BJP Government is the Government for the cows, by the Sanghis (Kacchawala), and of the Sanghis. The priority of the RSS/BJP is reduced to the length of the shorts they wear in their parades. In fact, the RSS/BJP has become the greatest threat to internal security of this country.

Since the RSS/BJP Government came to power, each and every day some cases of violence against the Dalits, Minorities, and women are being reported. It is not the case that the violence was not there in the previous regime. It was. But it was the part of stateless actors who launched violence because of their religious and caste conditioning of 2000 years. India came into being 60 years back just to reverse this 2000 years trend and the Constitution of India made laws that will end the 2000 years mentality steeped in the stupid religious values and the caste system.

It was the recipe and path towards creating new India based on humanity, respect, and reverence for everybody. New India where everyone will be free and equal. New India where no one will be judged by the caste, gender, and community. The current situation of violence is serious because the state is becoming the vehicle to unleash terror on India’s citizens.

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The UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is a known hate criminal who has been booked several times for instigating violence. He cried in the Lower House of the Parliament when he was booked like a child. He runs a militant outfit, euphemistically called “Hindu Yuva Vahini”, which can also be called “Thakur Pride Vahini”. It is perpetuating crimes against the Dalits. Remember Saharanpur.

The state should never side with the cultural terrorism, but the irony of the moment is this: it is the cultural terrorism that brought them to power they think. The cultural terrorism is against the Constitution of India and anything against the constitution of India is anti-national and a threat to the security of India. The UP Police have become anti-national and it is now perhaps the biggest threat to citizens in UP, particularly the Dalits and the Muslims. India was never divided so much politically, the way the Hindutva terrorist are trying to do. Another irony of Indian society is this: It is divided into castes and those who are exploited due to caste are not ready to unite against the common oppressor, but the people divided by the caste can be politically and culturally added up to create a draconian state that further oppresses them.

It is becoming clear that the human right activists in India have not only to battle against the 2000 years old cultural terrorism, but also against the state that is increasingly sponsoring the cultural terrorism. It has become so clear after the UP Police Chief’s invocation of the draconian laws to protect the cows.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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