Modi’s Infatuation with Publicity


Modi was recently shocked by the interviewer of NBC, whom Modi knew from the Facebook, but she had no idea if Modi was the second most followed leader on the Twitter. It must have been a shock for him to get stunned by the reporter. Modi made every effort to use the social media to reach out to young voters of India. He has posed himself as the young and savvy leader. He often meets the famous sports persons and actors and “guide” them in acting and in their careers. He freely grants interviews to the famous actors even if he is busy visiting heads of the foreign nation.

Millions have seen how he scolded his own security personnel when he obstructed the camera that was taking Modi’s photographs. He stunned the king of Facebook by pushing him aside during photography. When he meets famous people, he likes to piggyback their popularity. He doesn’t realise that he is India’s PM and most important for him is to meet the common men and women.

In the last couple of months, Modi had a meeting with Akshay Kumar. Modi met Tendulkar in connection with upcoming docu-movie. Tendulkar got leverage mostly because Kambli was cut short. Tendulkar is ever hungry for money.

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Unlike cricketers from other cricket playing countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka who are known for their charity work, Tendulkar had not done anything to help Indian citizens. He did not start any charity work or shared the gains of earning on social projects. In fact, he often tried to dodge the tax officials. And recently, Priyanka Chopra met the honourable PM in Germany and our PM had time to interact with her!

Modi is India’s Nero. India is facing an economic slowdown, dropping the level of employment, the rise in communal tension, killings of Dalits, and exploitation of women, Modi is busy in his photo shoots with the celebrities. In order to get his good photographs, he might also push aside the common people who voted him to power with great hopes. They will jettison him soon as he is fiddling with their hopes without creating harmonious music!

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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