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On, 12-13th April 2017, the occasion of the 126th Birth anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, students and research fellows from the Centre for Modern Indian Studies at the University of Goettingen organized an anti-caste photo exhibition. This is the third time that such an exhibition has been organized in Goettingen. The exhibits displayed at the exhibition included key events, wide-ranging themes and brief information about important personalities in the history of the anti-caste movement in India. More than 500 students visited the exhibition.

Following the same footsteps, anti-caste photo exhibition was also organized at University of Magdeburg “Otto-Von-Guericke” Germany on 8-10th May 2017. The exhibition was attended by over 200 people, mostly university students. This event managed to initiate a conversation on the otherwise tabooed topic of casteism.

Now after organizing Anti-Caste Photo Exhibitions at two different universities in the Germany, the team has decided to create a permanent space for the exhibits. The idea is that whoever wants to organize anti-caste photo exhibition can download these files and then use these for the exhibition.

You can download these exhibits from the following links –

Anti-Caste Photo Exhibits

Anti-Caste Photo Exhibits in Presentation

From – Sumeet Mhaskar

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