Dalits Don’t Sit or Stand with Brahminical Media, Build Your Own Media


All these Brahmins who are now coming out in support of NDTV were sleeping when Saharanpur happened, in which 100s of Dalits houses were burnt, Dalits were killed and young innocent Dalits’ children were thrown into the fire by so-called upper castes.Brahminical media is clever and knows how to play with Dalits.

They ask us to sit and we sit, they ask us to stand and we stand. What they think we are?

They use us like pawns and after using throw us out. It’s Brahmins game of dominance over others and what we get out of these – standing and sitting and fighting for them? Nothing. Till when we will keep on sitting and standing with Brahminical media and they will keep on ignoring us? Isn’t it a high time that Dalits build their own media?

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Before we stand or sit with any of the Brahminical media, we need to ask what percentage of their staff and owners are Dalits? Numbers would be negligible so why care Brahmins fighting among each other? Let them fight and we must concentrate on building our own media.

What is the difference between NDTV, Aaj Tak, Times or ABP news? All are owned by Brahmin-Banias and they all ignore Dalit and minority communities. NDTV was the one that also helped BJP win in Uttar Pradesh with its propaganda. Why shall we care?

One of the biggest English newspapers, The Times of India is run by Jains and another Hindustan Times is run by Birla, belonging to Bania community, Indian Express newspaper is also run by Banias, Danik Jagran and Danik Bhaskar Newspapers also run by Bania, Hindustan and Amar Ujala newspapers also owned by Banias. Zee TV owned by Banias. The Hindu newspaper is owned by Brahmins (Kasturi Iyengar family)

According to 2006 research report, Indian media lacks social diversity and it doesn’t reflect the social profile of the country. Mainly Hindu so called upper caste men dominate in the media houses. They constitute around 8 % of India’s population but among the key decision makers of the national media, their share is as high as 71 %.

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What was NDTV’s stand when media gag was imposed on Kashmir or media gag was put on Dalit Judge, Justice Karnan fighting for the discrimination and corruption in the judiciary? Why didn’t NDTV come forward at that time? Instead, NTDV created false equivalences when media gag was imposed on Kashmir and balanced the killings and violation of human rights by armed forced with stories of ‘ our jawans and separatists’.  So, now trying to say that NDTV is for freedom when your boss is raided by CBI and it will fight against the forces denying freedom of speech is a lie.

NDTV and BJP are fighting a friendly match only; nothing is going to happen to NDTV and will gain more support and sympathy from ignorant like us. NDTV is one of those channels that was supporting and giving BJP majority in Uttar Pradesh. NDTV is the same channel in which Brahmin Kanhaiya Kumar (JNU student) is promoted and Dalit Chandrasheker Azad (of Bhim Army) is ignored. Rohit Vemula’s family is ignored while Brahmins are promoted. Why?

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NDTV is the main ideologue of Brahmins and the rest of the channels are relaying the agenda set by NDTV. NDTV thus RSS of media and other channels are Bajrangis. The biggest RSS ideologue is Ravish Kumar who will make a program narrative in such a way all what RSS has to convey will be transmitted through debates.

It is because of channels like NDTV that our media has not been allowed to come up, at least from a TV point of view. Brahmins cannot ban NDTV as they need it have at least one face of media as secular; else the baton will pass to others.

This is their game.

How many SC/ST/OBC staff does NDTV have?

What have they done to Annihilate Caste? Merely bringing 1-2 people from us to talk is no big thing.

“The break-up of the Caste system is bound to adversely affect the Brahmin caste. Having regard to this, is it reasonable to expect that the Brahmins will ever consent to lead a movement, the ultimate result of which is to destroy the power and prestige of the Brahmin caste? Is it reasonable to expect the secular Brahmins to take part in a movement directed against the priestly Brahmins? In my judgment, it is useless to make a distinction between the secular Brahmins and priestly Brahmins. Both are kith and kin. They are two arms of the same body, and one is bound to fight for the existence of the other.”

– Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Annihilation of Caste

— By Vinay Shende and Velivada Team

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  1. 1

    I think you do yourself a big disservice when you attack NDTV specifically. If anything it is the one mainstream channel which at least tries to be somewhat objective when it comes to issues of caste oppression. They don’t tow the BJP line (for the most part) and this is what brings them into conflict with the ruling dispensation. I am not saying that there aren’t issues but if dalits want to look for a channel which is at least somewhat supportive of them, it is NDTV.

  2. 4

    Sir there is a big difference between kanhaiya and chandra shekhar. Our community requires a speaker and kanhaiya is good at it. NDTV I really don’t seem a bais channel because the way they are treated by the government is horrible
    I may be wrong but it our my views

  3. 5

    When we are trying to establish our media let us use right terminology in our upcoming media. Let us cautious while using words. Words are weapons. Let us throw Dalit word in garbage and use ply Bahujan or Indigenous people

    • 6

      U want to throw dalit word in garbage…Why not throw brahman word in garbage…Why not surnames which denote caste…thrown in garbage…

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